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Drupal Developer

Allentown, PA

Full Time
Drupal Developer

Liquid is seeking a Drupal Developer who can build secure applications using the latest version of Drupal. Using industry standard tools and best practices the candidate will create scalable, reliable solutions that are easy to test, deploy and maintain.

Key Responsibilities

  • Implement new client solutions in Drupal using Liquid standard development tools
  • Maintain and enhance current and legacy Drupal web applications
  • Create new Drupal templates and themes
  • Create functional and technical specification documentation
  • Work with clients to understand business requirements and implement them in a solution
  • Collaborate with developers on the team as well as other departments


  • 3-5 years of PHP and Drupal experience (including experience using Drupal 9)
  • Have excellent working knowledge and experience in PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS, jQuery and custom JS
  • Experience with Git to commit, push, pull and merge code changes with others
  • Experience with MySQL
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Twig PHP template engine
  • Experience with PHPUnit testing and automated testing using ChromeDriver
  • Demonstrate ability to create fully responsive web pages using Media queries
  • Consistently submit changes to source control with changes noted
  • Maintain high standard of quality in HTML/CSS/JavaScript development by using industry best practices
  • Self-assess and correct work without impacting project schedule
  • Communicate effectively with other members of the project team
  • Efficiently work in the time provided
  • Be proactive in resolving project roadblocks to prevent missed deadlines
  • Stay current and self-educate with tools and resources of the industry
  • Maintain high ethical standards in the workplace
  • Be an effective communicator with both the verbal and written word
  • Work effectively both independently and collaboratively
  • Consistently demonstrate enthusiasm, creative problem-solving skills and obsession with detail
  • Switch gears quickly and juggle multiple concurrent projects
  • Respond quickly as needed under demanding deadlines in support of clients
  • Must be punctual and reliable

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