We’ve talked a lot about ourselves over the last 9 weeks, giving you a peek into life at Liquid. Today is the 10-year anniversary of Liquid Interactive, and we have one final story to tell.

We wouldn’t be here today celebrating this milestone without our customers. They have allowed us to work with them as true partners to grow their businesses. They put their trust in us, and in turn we’ve created outstanding results.

You don’t have to just take my word for it though; I’ll let a few of our clients tell you themselves.

What prompted you to reach out to Liquid initially?

Kyle Huggins – Graphic Designer/Art Director @
HindlePower: “We were looking for creative and technical manpower and a high level of expertise to help move our web presence into the future.”

Tammy Staudt – Marketing Coordinator @ Andesa Services: “We were in search of a marketing vendor that would suit Andesa’s needs, while reflecting our culture to the outside world.  Your first visit to a Liquid creation is their website.  It is very inviting, and gives you the feeling that you need to meet these people.  That was confirmed once I completed the contact us page and received the first phone call from Ken.”

What was your biggest fear before partnering with Liquid? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?

Tammy Staudt – Marketing Coordinator @ Andesa Services: “Trust really. Also, could we form a partnership?  Being a service/technology company our forte is not marketing.  How do we know what digital marketing we should be doing, how do we know how to direct website traffic?  We don’t.  We have to trust our ‘partner’ to have our best interest in mind, while having their best interest in mind becoming our partner.  I can confidently say there was an immediate trust between the two companies from the first meeting.  It was the most transparent and honest discussion I’ve been a part of and formed an almost automatic decision on our part that Liquid was our right choice, our right partner for Andesa’s future.”

Roseann Noce – Sr. Manager Operations and System Integration @ Fujifilm Endoscopy: “No fears, the person that recommended Liquid was an incredible resource, and I knew the company would provide the needs that I was looking for.”

Jason Ylizarde – Co-founder @ UV-Concepts: “Biggest fear was the lack of control in the process.  That fear quickly disappeared as my business partner and I had an initial face-to-face meeting with the Liquid project team members.  All the interactions from that point forward were extremely collaborative in nature as well as unconditionally always on our time schedule.”

Justin Odom – formerly Manager, Digital Strategy @ Crayola: “I only select partners that I have confidence in and will get the job done.”

Neil Tolbert – Director Marketing Communications @ Mack Trucks: “Expense and having budget is always a fear when starting projects. We always seem to manage these with Liquid and end up with a nice product within budget.”

Kyle Huggins – Graphic Designer/Art Director @ HindlePower: “We are a very unique and culturally driven manufacturing company where every voice and opinion is respected and heard.  We have a unique way of working internally, and slightly abnormal way of going to market; our biggest fear was finding a proper partner that would listen, adapt, and respond to our needs.

We worked through bumps and complexities initially, and the team at Liquid persisted until they grasped our sales strategy and our company culture.”

Can you think of a word or phrase that best describes your relationship with liquid? Why that particular word or phrase?

Neil Tolbert – Director Marketing Communications @ Mack Trucks: “Partnership. We can open a dialogue to discuss options and land on solutions that are best for Mack Trucks.”

Ashley Moll – Manager, Marketing Communications @ Teva Pharmaceuticals: “‘Liquid can do anything!’ I often joke with our account mangers that I live in a world where Liquid can make anything we dream up happen. I appreciate the resources available to make all of our crazy requests happen in a timely manner.”

Jason Ylizarde – Co-founder @ UV-Concepts: “It’s simple … Liquid ‘CARES.’  They won’t stop until they get it right…”

Tammy Staudt – Marketing Coordinator @ Andesa Services: “Liquid listens to listen, not to respond.  There is an interest to not just give you the same cookie cutter recipe.  They listen, they discuss, and they come back with a plan.”

Kyle Huggins – Graphic Designer/Art Director @ HindlePower: “Collaborative… we work well together to get the job done.”

What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your partnership with liquid?

Jason Ylizarde – Co-founder @ UV-Concepts: “1) I feel my company has an undoubtedly more professional and polished presence to our customers. 2) The entire team is very competent and a joy to work with…it allows my business partner and I to focus on other business priorities.”

Kyle Huggins – Graphic Designer/Art Director @ HindlePower: “1) Having a modern attractive and useful web presence that keeps us at the forefront of our industry. 2) Having a partner we can depend on to properly help execute our marketing visions while properly representing our brand.”

Ashley Moll – Manager, Marketing Communications @ Teva Pharmaceuticals: “1) Our digital catalog has been the biggest improvement to our site. It took A LOT of detailed work to make the catalog pull products in the layout and yet, it took a very short timeframe to make it happen. This piece is used by external and internal customers. We always get compliments on it and questions on how it works.

2) The second significant improvement has been our forward thinking. Sometimes we get stuck in making a project happen to satisfy our immediate need. Liquid has helped us look at projects from a bigger picture and help determine if there is a better way to accomplish a goal that would have a more significant impact on our digital presence as a whole.”

Tammy Staudt – Marketing Coordinator @ Andesa Services: “We have learned about marketing! Liquid isn’t with us to direct our brand, or produce our sales material.  They are here to coach and guide us. Teach us what we should expect from a marketing partner. I feel Liquid isn’t here in the Valley or with Andesa to build a client base. They are with us to build partnerships and lasting relationships, the payoff for them is client satisfaction.”

If someone called you and said “why should i do business with liquid?” what would you tell them?

Roseann Noce – Sr. Manager Operations and System Integration @ Fujifilm Endoscopy: “Professional and timely.”

Justin Odom – formerly Manager, Digital Strategy @ Crayola: “They can solve any challenge.”

Neil Tolbert – Director Marketing Communications @ Mack Trucks: “Again, we see Liquid as a long-term partner. We have a long lasting relationship that spans over a decade. There are not many business partners that become a fixture to normal business practices like we have experienced with Liquid. This is a testament to both their excellent work and ability to deliver and the relationship that exists.”

Tammy Staudt – Marketing Coordinator @ Andesa Services: “They bring people together, in business, in the community, in house.  Besides, not doing business with Liquid is like heating up your spaghetti in the microwave without covering it.  Your lunch is splattered all over the place and you don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning it all up.  As in Marketing, everyone has an idea on how things should be, and those ideas are all over the place.  Respectfully, Liquid brings all those ideas together in a bucket and starts cleaning.  They find your core and start building from there.”

Ashley Moll – Manager, Marketing Communications @ Teva Pharmaceuticals: “I do business with Liquid because I truly believe that everyone at Liquid cares about the work they do for us. I never feel like our projects are just a task on someone’s list. Everyone at Liquid takes invested interest in the project. You can definitely tell that each person on a project takes pride in delivering their best work.”

Jason Ylizarde – Co-founder @ UV-Concepts: “Working with Liquid is just like working with a partner that treats every project and every individual associated with a project, with the utmost care and respect.  They will own the process from start to finish and they will make it a mission to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with their work.”

Kyle Huggins – Graphic Designer/Art Director @ HindlePower: “Because they have the know-how, creativity, and adaptiveness to create greatness.”

Thank you for an amazing ten years. We can’t wait to see where the next ten take us and the fantastic brands we’re privileged to call clients.

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Laura Pruitt

About Laura Pruitt

Laura Pruitt is Liquid’s Marketing & PR Manager. She is responsible for planning and executing Liquid’s marketing efforts, leveraging the skills and expertise available within the Liquid team. Laura got her start at Liquid as an intern in the summer of 2009, worked part-time throughout her senior year of college and was hired full-time in 2010. Outside the office, Laura proudly wears the titles of wife and mom.