Growth can be a wonderful thing, something revered by many.  As a society we generally celebrate growth – our children, our careers, our economy, and our corporations.   But, as with many things in life, growth can be a double-edged sword.  In order for it to be enjoyed you must not just manage it, but literally babysit it, study it, and proactively plan for it. 

As part of our 10th anniversary series, the team at Liquid wanted to tell just a bit of our growth story.  In many ways it is a tribute not only to our collective team and our leadership, but to our clients.  So, here is a list of the significant ways that Liquid has grown since day one back in 2006. 

Team Members:  In November of 2006 Liquid Interactive was born with less than five employees.  Today, after ten years of hard work by a legion of people (at least that’s what it seems like when you sit with our team to reminisce), Liquid is now a thriving business with more than forty (yes, 40!) team members.  People have come and gone as happens in life, but each had an impact on who Liquid is today. 

Square Footage:  Sounds like an odd thing to list as important, but our need to move from location to location is a direct reflection on our success on behalf of our clients.  Liquid has been in three locations over the years – each providing us with a unique part of our continually growing corporate culture.  That culture is part of what our clients are buying from us – fun, free-flowing, fearless, and fiercely committed.  Today, in our new 10,000+ square foot home in west Allentown, Liquid is proud to have created not only a great space for our team, but an environment that allows our clients to receive an even more collaborative and successful end product. 

Services Provided:  Liquid was born out of technology with deep roots in both web design and application development.  But, as we all know very well, companies must evolve with their clients and with the market.  Liquid has always prided itself on being on the forefront of what the market demands.  So, from what was one core service – traditional design & development, we now provide strategy, user interface & user experience (UI/UX) design, content creation, full creative design, 4K video creation & livestreaming, animation services, front-end development,and an entire suite of digital marketing services – social, SEO/M, media monitoring, PPC/display advertising, email campaigns, and analytics designed to bring specific marketing initiatives to life for our clients.  With all of these services, and all of them being in-house at Liquid, we have grown to be a true Integrated Marketing Solutions Provider in the Lehigh Valley.

Clients Served:  Like any small business, Liquid began with a modest list of clients.  Unlike many small businesses, Liquid did have one significant advantage – one major international brand relationship as a growth engine.  Through the years, and with that major international brand relationship still going strong, the Liquid team has served hundreds of companies from around the world.  We have worked hard to maintain a diversified list of clients, thus allowing us to leverage our knowledge of one industry and apply it to others.  Growth for us, and our clients, often comes from thinking differently.  Our unique client profile, in our opinion, is one of our greatest assets.  It keeps us thinking in fresh new ways about the entire business landscape. 

Community Impact:  Service to our community has always been at the core of Liquid’s DNA.  Whether it be volunteerism at the event level or participation on the board of directors for local non-profit organizations, we foster an environment where you are encouraged to get involved.  Our growth in people, space, and revenue (key to any ability to give back) has allowed us to grow our community footprint significantly.  This year we committed to quarterly company outreach efforts and have exceeded every single expectation for ourselves.  We are committed to taking the growth offered to us by our clients in the community and investing back into a better Lehigh Valley and beyond. 

In concluding our growth story I want to be clear about the hard work, planning, and constant management required to achieve any set of corporate objectives.  I was reminded of this recently in an article written by Tom Garrity and published in Lehigh Valley Business on September 26 of this year.  The article, Prune your business to grow back stronger, more vibrant, touched on the very sensitive component of corporate success – pruning.  Tom successfully uses the necessary pruning of trees as a fantastic analogy in the business world.  At times, any successful business must evaluate its position, determine where it intends to be in the future, and then take the necessary steps to ensure that it gets there stronger than it was prior.  These decisions are sometimes made by leadership (i.e. reducing or adding staff, eliminating or adding services, eliminating or expanding the client base), but are sometimes made for those company leaders (i.e. economic downturn, employee retirement or resignation).  The truth is that any well led company with an ability to maintain one eye on the present and one eye on the future will always weather these events like Tom Garrity’s pruned trees – growing back stronger and more vibrant. 

So, that’s the 10-year Liquid snapshot of growth.  We have managed, baby-sat, and fostered our growth with great care.  Our intent is to continue this process so that our current and future clients can always look to Liquid as a dependable partner standing with them side-by-side as they prune and grow their own businesses. 

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Kurt Cannon

About Kurt Cannon

Kurt is the Vice President, Client Engagement at Liquid Interactive. Kurt leverages his more than 15 years of senior leadership experience to oversee the client experience at Liquid. He is responsible for the creation of new, meaningful services in the market, the strategic application of those services for our clients, and exceeding client expectations with solid, measurable results.