Ah, 2018. It’s still got that “new year smell.” As a marketer, there’s nothing quite like the fresh start of a brand-new year to get me excited and motivated. Here’s three resolutions that need to be on your list this year to set your 2018 initiatives up for success and make it your best year ever.

1 – Set Goals

If you want to be successful, the first step is defining what success looks like. Set goals for your marketing program in 2018 (SMART ones, please) so you know exactly what you’re working to achieve.

You should have at least one goal for every program or initiative you have planned for the year. E.g. grow email subscribers X% by year end, deliver X leads per month to sales team through Facebook ads, decrease 2018 homepage bounce rate by making adjustments to content & user experience in Q1.

2 – Track the Data

Make sure you’ve got a solid data foundation in place now so that you can track your success for the whole year. Are your website analytics properly configured? Have you started down the path of building an attribution model? Are you capturing and recording all the data you need to track your success?

Make sure all your data tracking is both accurate and complete. Don’t roll out a new campaign only to find out weeks later you have no data to report on.

3 – Do More Content Marketing

If you’re not sure where to focus your extra resources in 2018, I’ve got the answer – content marketing.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I’m not saying you should start churning out as much content as you can. That’s just adding to the noise.

For some, doing more content marketing might not mean creating more content. Instead it means creating relevant, valuable content for your customers. It’s engaging with your audience and building a relationship with them. Quality over quantity. In 2018, create better content. Need a bit more direction? Check out our Content Marketing Success 101 recap.

There you have it. Three actions to take to make the most of your marketing in 2018. As always, if you need a helping hand with anything along the way, you know how to find us. 

Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

About Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

Laura Pruitt served as Liquid’s Marketing & PR Manager. She was responsible for planning and executing Liquid’s marketing efforts, leveraging the skills and expertise available within the Liquid team.