In today’s world, social media marketing is no longer a novelty – it’s a necessity. Almost every company has a Facebook and Twitter page, but what other social platforms are out there?

We recently explained how you might be underutilizing a common but powerful social network. Now we’ll explore three additional social channels you may want to consider making room for in your marketing arsenal.


  • 2nd fastest growing social network behind Pinterest
  • Ranked #1 in social sentiment towards brands (Brands are seen as creators with content users want to see)
  • 2nd in time spent among top social platforms
  • 70% of users consider Tumblr to be their favorite place to spend time online

There is true power behind Tumblr. This platform system is unique in that it is centered on the ability to share content by “reblogging.” Reblogging allows users to see, like, and share your content on their blogs while still giving you the direct engagement. Combine that with Tumblr’s audience that spends a lot of time on the site and you have a social platform that can really showcase your brand in the eyes of the public. Many major brands such as Calvin Klein, GE, Disney, Target, IBM, and Coca-Cola have great success with Tumblr.

If you desire a more professional looking Tumblr page, use HTML5 and CSS3 to code a customized layout. Customizing your page also allows you to increase your metadata to your page and posts, making them more searchable on Tumblr.


With the size of Reddit, it’s hard to ignore its influence. Companies tend to overlook the popular forum site, but that can be a mistake.

With guidelines that assure content over self-promotion, Reddit is an incredibly unique social media site, which, if used correctly and strategically, can increase brand awareness and help you attain a loyal audience.

Let your brand’s thought leaders host an “AMA” or “Ask Me Anything” regarding current company news. Andy Dunn founder and CEO of Bonobos Inc. and Vishaal Melwani Co-founder CEO of Combatant Gentlemen, as well as Bill Gates and President Barack Obama have all done very successful AMAs.

For a marginal CPM rate, Reddit also features effective “sponsored headlines” that allow your posts to appear on relevant forums while also boosting your posts to the top of the forum.


  • 100 million active users every day
  • 18% of U.S. social media users use Snapchat

Snapchat’s biggest attraction is a 24-hour limit on posts. Where you may consider that a great fault, consider this: Even though this limits your window, this can allow you to post unique content that will attract your audience to your page. Some ideas for Snapchat include coupons codes, giveaways, previews to future products or content, and any short-term campaigns your company may run.

If your brand seeks a younger audience, you are in luck! 70% of Snapchat’s audience is under 25, which is a higher percentage than any other major social media platform.

While Instagram gets a lot of attention, Snapchat’s popularity as both a messaging and social platform is on the rise. Snapchat helps humanize you brand with more casual, slice of life posts that users can only view for a short period of time.

Also know that Snapchat heavily favors women with 70% of the audience. The only social network with a higher percentage of women is Pinterest.

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