We love having interns in the office. They bring value to the team. A fresh crop of interns brings an injection of energy and creativity to Liquid. Our interns are enthusiastic and optimistic, and their excitement is catching.

Working in a fast-paced industry like ours, the value of having a few extra hands on deck is huge. Our interns do real work, for real clients. They don’t make us coffee or pick up our dry cleaning.

We Value Interns

We care about our interns and want to make sure they’re getting as much benefit out of their experience here as we are. We make sure they get real, hands-on experience in a variety of roles. That’s super important for someone who’s trying to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Internships offer a safe place to try out (and gain skills in) a variety of job roles.

We strive to give our interns opportunities to experience all parts of the business, not just their area of focus. The best way to be an effective team member is to understand how the team as a whole works. Understanding the subsequent steps of a process will help you to complete your own step more effectively.

Collaboration is an important part of our culture, especially the idea that every voice deserves to be heard. There’s value in having years of industry experience, but there’s also value in having a unique perspective or life experience. Having a voice in the workplace – and using it – is an important part of professional development. Interns are part of the team from day one and are encouraged to speak their minds and share their ideas.

See what some of our summer 2015 interns had to say about their experience at Liquid:

We Hire Interns

Internships are a great arrangement for both interns and future employers. These days, getting a job in your chosen field right out of college is challenging. Everyone wants to hire employees who have experience, which is a problem when you’re interviewing for your first post-grad job. Having one or more internships in your field on your resume (and even better, references to go with them) gives you a huge leg up on the competition.

Internships also give students a chance to make sure they really want to do that job they think they want to do. It’s a lot less painful to figure out a field isn’t for you in an internship than after you’ve already earned your degree and stepped out into the job market.

For us, internships are like an extended job interview and training all in one. By the time one of our interns is wrapping up their stay, we know if they would be a good fit for us long term, they’ve been brought up to speed, and they know exactly what they’re getting into if they sign on.

In fact, eight of our current employees started out as interns. Check out what they’re doing now:

  • Alex Prestipino – Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Bret Ludlow – Director, Digital Marketing
  • Dolan Kutzman – Motion Graphics Artist
  • Emily Massaro – Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Laura Pruitt – Marketing & PR Manager (Oh hey, that’s me!)
  • Shawn Thomas – Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Steve Luvender – Senior UX Designer
  • Victor June – Visual Media Designer

Wishing you could have an internship at Liquid on your resume? Internships are offered in the fall and spring semesters as well over the summer. Send your resume to mybeststuff@liquidint.com.

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Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

About Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

Laura Pruitt served as Liquid’s Marketing & PR Manager. She was responsible for planning and executing Liquid’s marketing efforts, leveraging the skills and expertise available within the Liquid team.