I can neither confirm nor deny it was around “the holidays”, but more than three wise men… many more than three wise men (and women) actually, have recommended that a pragmatic, holistic and integrated brand-marketing approach will be paramount for most organizations to thrive in 2015.

I’d add to this that getting a head-start on your plan—so that your “do’s” actually have time to do what they’re intended to do—is equally wise.

So to help get you on your way, here are 5 cheerful marketing tips sure to brighten your brand success in 2015:

1. Custom Applications

Many companies can benefit from custom and proprietary applications, but they aren’t sure how they’d use one, what it might cost, or even where they should start. Custom applications can benefit your company by:

  • Accommodating the very specific needs of your business
  • Addressing a very specific value point to your customers
  • Showcasing your products in an interactive environment
  • Demonstrating and educating —simply —how a complex solution functions
  • Keeping it simple—only including features and functionality you need in a proprietary solution (while many off-the-shelf products are laden with features we never use)
  • Allowing consumers to have fun interacting with your brand (i.e., branded games)
  • Addressing specific business processes when there isn’t any packaged, off-the-shelf, technology solution that can

2. Email Marketing

In 2014 email still remains one of the most affordable, effective and quantifiable means of direct marketing. Do you have an email list that is collecting dust? Have you been negligent in reminding your customers and prospects what it is your company does week in and week out? You might consider committing to sending out one email campaign per month (at minimum) in 2015. The ROI might surprise you!

3. User Experience

When it comes to engagement on the web, it is no longer apropos for it to be “all about you.” To the contrary, these days it is about User Experience (UX). In other words, your customer isn’t that interested in your history, your products/services, and your process. No, your customer wants to know what is in it for him/her—on a very personalized level. Touting feature-benefits isn’t enough. Your customer expects to be able to interact with your brand. Video, interactive infographics, custom applications, advergames, mobile apps—your customer wants to be able to virtually touch your brand. Are you facilitating this expectation?

4. Web Video

Video is immersive, engaging, compelling, fun, and it is 53 times more effective than text in gaining first-page placement in Google search results rankings. (Not only does Google own YouTube, but search engines prioritize video.) How-tos, FAQs, expert interviews, slide shows, even holiday messages—there are so many powerful ways to use web video for your brand. Don’t be afraid—just hit “record.” But if you are a little camera-shy—call us—we’ll happily produce.

5. Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s a great, big digital world out there. Email, social media, websites, search — there are more ways to reach existing and potential customers than ever before. How you handle these digital marketing opportunities goes a long way toward determining your success.  Digital marketing isn’t a choice anymore. You have to do it. The question is simply, “what should our approach be?” We recommend a strategic, integrated approach to digital marketing campaigns. Here are a few questions you should be asking:

  • What are our business goals?
  • What will success look like?
  • Who are our target audiences?
  • What do our target audiences read?
  • How and when do our target audiences consume content?
  • What’s a comfortable budget to get started?

Here are but a few benefits of digital marketing:

  • Levels the competitive playing field
  • Get started on a reasonably small budget
  • Real-time measurement on what is working
  • Real-time results
  • Real-time campaign adjustments
  • Excellent lead generation
  • Virtually global exposure
  • More viral, pass-along exposure
  • Greater engagement
  • Stronger calls-to-action
  • 1-to-1 marketing (as opposed to 1-to-many or 1-to-all approach of many traditional channels)

Talk to us. What’s on your brand marketing wish list this holiday season? Happy Holidays!

Tim Reeder (Alumni)

About Tim Reeder (Alumni)

Tim served as a Senior Account Executive at Liquid Interactive. Tim brought over 15 years of interactive marketing experience, focused primarily on defining digital media strategies for many well-known B2C and B2B brands.