Grab your phone and marvel that you have so much power in the palm of your hand. That handy little device makes video creation the easiest it’s ever been. In today’s congested digital landscape, brands have to work hard to differentiate themselves with video.

Here at Liquid, we wholeheartedly believe in video’s ability to share ideas and promote messages. Our team of video experts delivers not just a piece of content, but a fully integrated, storytelling work of art.

Talented Individuals Working Together

Liquid Video Team


  • Brian Noreika is the head of the video department and the primary man behind the camera. Having shot for TV programs such as Forensic Files, he enjoys the sheer variety of projects he gets to work on at Liquid, especially when they take him to new places across the country and around the globe.
  • Dolan Kutzman, motion graphics artist extraordinaire, finds himself at home in post-production, where he brings 2D graphics to animated life. He loves attending movies and watching animated films of any genre and yearns to learn how to produce 3D animation.
  • Gary Jewell is our chief editor, weaving together endless reels of footage to create cohesive pieces for clients. Gary prefers editing impactful, emotional documentaries and thoroughly believes in getting the job done right the first time.
  • Kelly Planer plays the role of video services manager, applying her diverse skills in the areas of interviewing, branding, storyboarding, and copywriting. Motivated by her love of stories, she would like to someday produce a music video for her band.
  • Victor June is a jack-of-all-trades, able to fill the shoes of backup cameraman, drone pilot, photographer, or editor at a moment’s notice. Fueled by his penchant for any and all visual formats, Victor discovered his interest in videography by pioneering a morning news show in high school.

With nearly a century of combined experience, our video team works so harmoniously due to their likeminded philosophy regarding video production: view each project as a unique, individual opportunity, instead of a simple means to a paycheck. Because everyone is willing to go the extra mile, they create and thrive in an environment conducive to learning.

The team is made of up baby boomers, millennials and generations in between, but instead of letting their age differences get in the way, they leverage it to their benefit. Motivated youthfulness and intuitive wisdom fuse together to form a collaborative knowledgeable about the entire gamut of the content creation process, including everything from pre- to post-production.  

Here’s how it works in practice: the junior team members excitedly propose modern creative ideas and solutions. The senior members then temper these concepts through the years of experience they bring to the table. The finished product strikes just the right balance of creativity, edginess and refinement.  

State of the Art Capabilities and Storytelling

As you might have guessed, the boys and girl of the video team are seriously into all the gadgets, gizmos and tech of the video world. They love tinkering with and learning about the latest advancements. A few of their current favorite toys include a 4k resolution camera and an unmanned aerial system, or drone. The camera may fly, but our team remains grounded, recognizing that advanced tech is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to producing compelling content – you also need to harness the cornerstone foundations of basic storytelling. 

No matter what your message is, we’re ready to help you share it with the world. These are some of the most common types of stories our clients ask us to help them tell:

  • Corporate video – Whether you need to demonstrate a product or service, promote a campaign on social media, educate the public about an event, or create content for tradeshows, we’ve got you covered.
  • Animated video – Producing content in two (or three!) dimensions allows you to circumvent the limitations of traditional video by giving life to static imagery. This technique is especially effective in “explainer” videos, which help your audience understand complex processes or operations.  
  • Broadcast video – Need to get some air time on the big screen? We produce advertising spots tailor-made for television programming.
  • Educational video – Our team practically wrote the book on new hire training videos. And if you require a higher level of engagement, we can integrate those videos into e-Learning software, which actively involves users in the learning process.

Our video team is a unified group of talented individuals armed with the latest and greatest in technological advances. We put their skills to work every day, and the results speak for themselves.  


Noah Belman (Alumni)

About Noah Belman (Alumni)

Noah Belman interned with Liquid's Digital Marketing department.