Who’s counting and who cares?

Over the last decade, Liquid has won well over one hundred awards (126 according to my records, and that only includes the last 8 years). We’ve won awards for our work, awards for our company, local awards, national awards, and international awards. We have a glittering trophy case in the office with a regular stream of new additions. That’s all very nice, but why should you care? Are we just being vain by talking about our armfuls of awards? Nope, not vain. Our awards are highly relevant to our customers. I’ll explain why in a minute, but first a story…

Adele's awards

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Savvy Shoppers

When my husband and I were preparing to welcome our first child last year, there was a lot of shopping involved. Tiny humans require a surprisingly large amount of stuff.

It’s not just the standard baby things you think of like diapers and onesies and bottles. It’s bizarre things you’ve never heard of and maybe wish you hadn’t, like Boppys and Bumbos and NoseFridas. How do you shop for the best nursing pillow when you didn’t even know such a thing existed until a list on the Internet told you that you needed one?

Contrasting Amazon Reviews

Source: Amazon

If you’re like me, you turn to the reviews section on Amazon. I may not have known anything about baby carriers last summer, but the reviewers on Amazon did. A good rating on Amazon is a pretty solid endorsement of a product. I didn’t have to blindly pick brands and products just because “the packaging looks pretty,” or “well, it’s expensive so it must be the best.” I had neutral, third-party validation backing up my decisions.

External Validation

When shopping for marketing technology services and products, you won’t find be able to turn to the reviews section on Amazon. How do you choose an agency then? Do you go with the vendor with the “prettiest packaging” or the lowest quote? You could ask for current client referrals, but they aren’t exactly a neutral third party.

One piece of information you should consider when agency shopping is awards. Awards are external validation that an agency can do the things they’re telling you they can, and can do it well.

Quality Work

The majority of those 100+ awards we’ve won are for the work we’ve produced for our clients. Work that has been judged by industry experts to be top notch in every aspect. Here’s a scorecard for Davlyn.com, which just won a Best in Class Interactive Media Award two weeks ago:


Design: 94/100
Content: 99/100
Feature Functionality: 100/100
Usability: 98/100
Standards Compliance: 98/100
Total: 489/500

IMA 2016 Best in Class Winner

We do good work. It’s creative, high quality work, and you don’t have to take my word for it. That glittering trophy case is proof that expert judges from 12+ industry competitions agree that our work is not just good, but great.

A Business That’s Going Places

The work your agency is going to do for you should be your first concern, but not your only concern. If you’re anything like us, what you’re looking for is a long-term partner, not just another vendor. The last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in a basket that’s about to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

Awards can answer your questions. For example:

Is Liquid really a good agency?

  • BtoB Magazine (now AdAge) – Top Agency 2007-2013 (the final year of the award)

Are they growing?

  • Greater Reading Chamber – Greater Reading Top Business 2011-2016
  • Lehigh Valley Business – Fastest Growing Companies 2012-2016
  • Inc 5000 – Fastest Growing Companies in America 2013-2016

Are they a solid company?

  • Lehigh Valley Business – Business of the Year Finalist 2013-2016
  • Communitas – Community Service Award 2016
  • BPTWPA – Best Places to Work in PA, Small/Medium Companies 2014
  • Morning Call – Lehigh Valley Top Workplace 2016

As you see, awards can also tell you if a company is growing, if their employees are happy, and much more. You don’t get awards like those by doing mediocre work or running a struggling business.

10 Years Strong

Thanks for letting me brag a little bit about our awards. The next time you’re shopping for something you can’t find on Amazon, check to see if the brand you’re considering has any awards to validate their sales pitch before you start signing contracts.

Before I close, there’s one more achievement I want to remind you of. The U.S. Small Business Agency reports that two-thirds of small businesses never make it to their 10-year anniversary. On November 1st, we’ll officially celebrate 10 years since Liquid was founded, and I think that might just be the best award of all. 


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Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

About Laura Pruitt (Alumni)

Laura Pruitt served as Liquid’s Marketing & PR Manager. She was responsible for planning and executing Liquid’s marketing efforts, leveraging the skills and expertise available within the Liquid team.