It’s a festive time of year! I love the holidays – particularly because we in the video department can take a little extra time and talk with our clients about the past year… our triumphs, our plans for the future, and our gratitude for a fantastic year.

It’s really nice to have the group of clients we have at Liquid. We are so thankful for all of you. As we’ve built relationships over the years, we can honestly say that however fast-paced the schedule, however stretched our resources, and however crazed the concept, we’ve had fun turning your visions for video initiatives into reality.

This year, we’d like to mention a few highlights from the projects we’ve worked on. From a business perspective, this may read like a primer on customer service, but for me, it’s a look back at why we love doing what we do:

  1. There’s nothing more satisfying than a good brainstorm session. It is hard to express how much fun it is to sit with a client to talk through possibilities. Creativity is a process that involves pooling ideas towards a goal – and creating a strategy. Thanks, clients, for letting us be a part of this process.
  2. When it’s all over… the rush can be rush. It can be overwhelming to hear a client say, “We want to send you to Florida, California, Israel, and a couple of places in New Jersey, and we have to have this done in two weeks,” but it does get the adrenaline pumping. And, let’s be honest, while it’s not the way we want to work all of the time, there’s no better feeling when the project is finished, the goal accomplished, and the client happy.  In the words of the immortal John “Hannibal” Smith, “I love it when a plan comes together!”
  3. We get a kick out of being a good problem solver. What could be more fun than saying, “No problem. We’ve got it covered!” Enough said!
  4. I like being part of your lives! What? Your husband owns a restaurant? I’m there!
  5. We really enjoy the places you, as clients, send us. This year, we traveled to Rio for a project. Personally, Brazil was never on my bucket list, but I was so happy to see what I saw, meet the people I met – and experience the sushi at Manekineko. To boot, it was a great project to be a part of. Thanks for that!

Finally, it’s great to come to work at a place where we can promote the good work our clients do. From testimonials of people’s lives saved by caring physicians to promoting your environmentally friendly business practices to seeing cool products before they hit the market, we’re thrilled to tell your stories.

So thanks for letting Liquid’s Video Department be a part of your life – both professionally and personally. It’s our sincere hope to continue working with you – into 2015 and beyond! 

Kelly Planer (Alumni)

About Kelly Planer (Alumni)

Kelly Planer served as the Video Services Manager at Liquid Interactive. For almost two decades, Kelly has written, directed and produced across all media touch points: thirty-second commercials, long form documentaries, social media, blogs, training programs, live broadcasts and web.