Three years ago, after years of struggling with lower back problems, my dad, Bruce Gyorfi, was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma. The source of his pain was two malignant tumors growing on his spine.

Although the news was shocking and scary to my family, we were hopeful for his treatments. The doctor told us he was going to put my dad through a new treatment of chemotherapy that would be very strong and exhausting, but was known to be quick and effective.

In 2014, my dad, who worked on his feet for the last 30 years, had to take almost the whole year off. 1 out of 4 weeks of the month he was restricted to a hospital bed to receive chemo. Fortunately, he was able to be home the rest of the time.

The treatment was intense and took a toll on his body and the way it functioned. Twice in the midst of the treatment he was taken to the hospital where he required a blood transfusion to replenish his blood platelets. Low numbers of platelets in your blood can cause dangerous bleeding. Something as simple as bumping his arm could have caused life-threatening internal bleeding. Luckily there was blood available to provide the transfusions he needed.

My dad stayed strong and positive during these incidents and throughout the whole duration of his treatments. His positivity allowed me and my family to also remain without doubts and stay positive through his treatment.

Coming up in August, my dad will be officially in remission for two years. A simple blood donation from strangers we’ll never meet made all the difference in providing hope and healing. And in my dad’s case, blood donors saved his life.  


Kaleigh and her dad, Bruce

Do you have what it takes to be a hero and help save lives like Kaleigh’s dad? Register to give blood August 10th at Liquid Drops for Life.


Kaleigh Gyorfi (Alumni)

About Kaleigh Gyorfi (Alumni)

Kaleigh served as a Web Designer at Liquid Interactive. Kaleigh designed creative solutions and experiences for our clients, and created wireframes and interactive prototypes for websites and applications all with the goal of creating beautiful, functional user experiences.