I’m continuing the “Demystifying Video” blog series with a post on Liquid’s latest video innovation: Drone Cinematography. Missed the first post of the series? Catch up on episode 1: Color Grading. From the tools and processes we use to the terms we employ to talk about them, the nitty-gritty of producing video can be a little bit intimidating. In this series, I’m letting you in on the lingo and helping you understand what we do both behind the camera and behind the desk in the edit suite.

Brand new this summer, Liquid video is taking to the skies to reach new creative heights and gain greater visual perspectives. Drone video offers boundless uses and indefinite aerial puns – the sky is the limit.

What Can Drones Do?

Flying Drone

Drone is a slang term for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  Due to the unlimited uses and multiple misconceptions, drones are one of the most polarizing technologies of our time.

Radio-controlled helicopters, with a mounted camera, have been a pipe dream of videographers for decades. But now that dream has become a reality. Drones are used for so many innovative purposes: aerial surveying, conservation, package delivery, agriculture, search and rescue, disaster relief and most relevantly to this discussion, video. From events to real estate, news, advertising and filmmaking – the flexibility and quality of drone videography allows us to capture almost anything in an innovative and cinematic way.

What Can Liquid Do with Drones?

Ocean Scenery

With our brand new drone and shiny FAA permit, we’re flying high capturing waterparks, car lots, properties, aerating fountains and much more for our clients.  Watch the video below for a snapshot of some of the drone footage we’ve captured since we got our new toy.

We might sometimes call our drone a toy – and it’s certainly fun to use – but our team had to put in many hours of training and flight practice before we ever took it off the ground. The process we’ve gone through to adopt and master this entirely new video format has been thorough and intensive. In order to provide drone video services that are not only high quality but safe, professional equipment and operators are non-negotiable.

Camera Drone

We chose the safest and most reliable drone on the market: the 3D Robotics (3DR) Solo. The robust robotic technology of the Solo provides silky smooth, high quality 4K video. It is completely programmable and upgradeable, which will allow us to continue to progress and innovate this service.

If you have any questions or interest in partnering with Liquid Video to utilize our drone cinematography services, please feel free to connect with us: video@liquidint.com

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Victor is a Cinematographer, Video Editor & UAV Pilot at Liquid Interactive. Victor assists with shooting and editing video, photographic services, concept creation, video sales and more and has played a role in in the success of 150+ projects for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Scholastic, and Crayola.