So, it’s now 2017 and time for a quick review of what I have learned about Liquid during my first full year in-house after working with Liquid as a client for more than a decade.

As a reminder, my tenure at Liquid began with me jumping into Liquid in late 2015 at a time when explosive growth had us flowing like Class IV whitewater rapids – considered advanced with intense, powerful but predictable rapids that require expertise.  We added personnel, updated processes, grew our service offerings, and expanded our community presence.  A year later . . . We have settled into slightly calmer waters and have had some time to assess the outcome while gearing up to enter the next growth phase. 

While my head is still spinning from the ride, I took some time to reflect over the holidays and would like to share some of the conclusions I formed about Liquid. 

  1. We are architects! Liquid is a truly unique marriage of marketing and technology in not only our region, but beyond.  By having technology – meaning pure and honest website design AND construction – as our fundamental core values, the Liquid mentality is always foundational.  What that means for our clients is that, like building a home, we always begin with the architectural aspects on “paper” before ever sticking a shovel in the ground.  These are the hidden treasures of any successful home build – the unseen work done behind the scenes, late at night that leads to great traffic flow, maximum value from the space you build, and great resale value beyond the curb appeal.  Too many people overlook the importance of what is at the core and go right to the “eye candy.”  Don’t be fooled.  The most valuable part of your investment is likely what your end-user, the customer, does not see.
  2. We are interior designers, too!  With the solid core of architecture firmly entrenched at Liquid, we spent the past few years building an award-winning creative team to nail the “wow factor” that overlays our structural expertise.  While the foundational work is elemental, it’s hard to sell a well-constructed home that falls flat when you open the front door.  If you have had the opportunity to see the fantastic series “Fixer Upper” from HGTV you know exactly what I mean.  While Chip Gaines does amazing demolition and re-construction work, if Joanna did not work her design magic, you would not have nearly the same level of success in the final result.  The bottom line is that there must be a marriage of these two competencies to get high-quality results worth the overall investment. 

But, wait for it . . . That’s not all.  There is one final component – that curb appeal.

  1. We added a landscaping crew – a really, really good one!  Solid architecture with craftsman-level construction . . . Jaw-dropping interior design elements that make you feel all warm and fuzzy . . .  The only thing missing to sell this product is that visual appeal that makes a passerby simply slam on the brakes.  At Liquid, this is the role of our digital marketing team.  You see, at Liquid, we don’t just plant a couple of trees and throw on some mulch (sometimes only in the front yard depending on who’s doing the work), we use our landscape designers.  We think, plan, and do research.  We use new technologies to find out who your potential buyers are and create the elements that they want to see.  We lay out a landscaping plan that has beautiful things blooming all year round, strategically-placed flower beds, functional shade trees, and even a beautiful patio to entertain your visitors. 

In closing, what we do at Liquid is not an accident.  Liquid is a very special place where a vision of what is right for the client, regardless of trends, remains a priority.  We listen well.  We bring layers of expertise to our solutions.  We look to deliver solid business results – not just pretty “things.” 

While there are no guarantees in life – beyond death and taxes (as noted by everyone’s father or grandfather at some point) – what I can tell you is that Liquid maintains the belief that not one single marketing dollar should be wasted in this digital era.  Investing in your future, whether that’s personal finance or your business’s marketing efforts, is fundamental to long-term success.  Make the investment wisely – look for expertise. 

That’s it, From the Desk of . . . the clearly long-winded guy at Liquid who watches way too much home improvement television. 

Kurt Cannon

About Kurt Cannon

Kurt is the Vice President, Client Engagement at Liquid Interactive. Kurt leverages his more than 15 years of senior leadership experience to oversee the client experience at Liquid. He is responsible for the creation of new, meaningful services in the market, the strategic application of those services for our clients, and exceeding client expectations with solid, measurable results.