With a new year comes new opportunity for growth in the digital space. And social media is no exception. So let’s explore some social trends that may be worth paying attention to in the New Year.

Videos on Facebook

If you’re a regular on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed more and more business pages posting videos. In fact, if you haven’t considered video content for your Facebook postings, 2015 may be the right time to add it to your messaging arsenal.  Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Make sure your videos are fun, engaging and have a purpose. Your audience won’t stick around to watch something that’s boring or non-applicable to their interest. Videos provide an opportunity to humanize your brand and visually convey to your audience how your products or services can solve their problems.
  • Develop a broader [marketing] content strategy that not only includes the use of video, but clearly defines how it addresses your organization’s messaging goals. (Remember that ‘purpose’ thing we mentioned earlier?) Doing so will ensure that your video marketing efforts enhance your overall marketing strategy.
  • Encourage people to share and talk about your videos! This should be a breeze if your content is entertaining and educational.
  • Track the effectiveness of your videos. Facebook now includes video metrics and the option for page administrators to post a call-to-action link along with their video. This is helpful to drive users to your website and also increase the engagement rate on your Facebook page.

Personalized Content

We all know that social media is a place where people go to congregate and engage in discussions of similar interests. And they aren’t necessarily looking to be sold something.

With that in mind, it’s important to curate content for your social channels that, first and foremost, resonates with those visiting these messaging outlets. We’ve all heard the saying ‘Content is King’. Well, I like to think about it as ‘Relevant Content is King’. The more relevant your content is – the more it resonates with your audiences – the more likely it is to serve the function of changing or enhancing both their perception of your brand and products and, hopefully, their desire to learn more… or even take further action.

This year, spend some time making your content more personalized and relevant. Humanize your brand with engaging, behind-the-scenes content that shares with your audience the story of your company, its people, and its mission. Respond quickly to users who favorite or reply to your posts. Involve your employees in interacting with visitors to your social spaces --they are some of your biggest fans and, in many cases, can deliver on the goal of humanizing your brand. And, finally, unless it’s an expectation of your audience, avoid the sell, sell, sell messages – more times than not these posts will be ignored or do little to build a connection with your social visitors.

Intelligent Ads

As we all know, the beauty of digital advertising is the opportunity for customization and real-time results. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow you to create campaigns that target your ads based on location, income, shopping habits and more. You can get as granular as the types of cars your desired audience drives.

 “Our [Facebook’s] goal is to reach a point where ads [on Facebook] are as relevant and timely as the content your friends share with you.” -- Mark Zuckerberg

Use this to your advantage and remember that with social advertising, you don’t have to jump right in. If your advertising habits are a bit on the conservative side, dip your toes into the water by running a small, low-budget, targeted campaign or two. Then pay close attention to your campaign data and adjust any or all of your campaign variables – ad visual/copy, targets, spend, etc. – as needed to hit strengthen the return on your investment.

We hope that you keep these three things in mind this year as you talk to and engage your audiences within social media channels. Remember to keep your social marketing interesting, and push the limits in terms of creativity and fun. And should you have any questions and concerns, you don’t have to go it alone; let our social media team be your guide. Give us a call or send an email to get started today.

Megan Schroetel (Alumni)

About Megan Schroetel (Alumni)

Megan Schroetel served as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Liquid Interactive. Megan focused on planning, creating, executing, and measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns with social media, email and display marketing.