Google is releasing their mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21st and have stated that it will have a larger impact on search results than either the Panda or Penguin, both of which were highly disruptive for search rankings.

Though Google has stated that this change will only affect mobile search results, there will inevitably be implications for desktop traffic as well.

Don’t Hate Google - it’s a Waste of Energy

As an SEO I often hear other SEOs or clients talking about how much they dislike Google for making major changes to the algorithms and often blame the search giant for losses in website sales. I find this kind of blind hatred not only misplaced but also a complete waste of time for webmasters.

First of all, Google doesn't make these changes on a whim, and in fact they are largely rooted in feedback they receive directly from users.

Secondly, your website wouldn't be found in the first place if not for search engines. So as long as people continue to use them you're just going to have to go along with what they want.

Soon the Majority of Search Will Be on Mobile

Now that mobile search traffic is quickly approaching the 50% mark, Google has announced the mobile-friendly algorithm and even given tips on how to prepare. This announcement gave webmasters almost two full months’ notice, which is unheard of in the world of search.

In all honesty Google has been pushing webmasters to update their websites to mobile for several years, but now they have the data they need to justify using it as a ranking signal.

What is Mobile-Friendly?

If your website cannot be easily viewed on different screen sizes then it is not mobile-friendly. As the use of mobile devices over desktop continues to increase it is imperative to give users a seamless experience no matter what type of device they are using.

The most common way to make your website mobile-friendly is by changing it to a responsive design, which will manage the content to make it functional on any screen size for any device.

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Nicole Castelblanco (Alumni)

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