Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Instagram. This post is a basic ‘How To’ Instagram for Business. Before we get there, it’s important to provide a little insight as to why I love incorporating Instagram as part of a business's social media strategy.

Here’s some food for thought relating to Instagram.

  • 200M monthly actives
  • 20B photo shares
  • 1.6B likes a day
  • 60M photos per day

Instagram has quickly sky rocketed to the list of top social media platforms both domestically and internationally. If this isn’t enough to convince you of their success, digest this:

  • 2011: Apple named Instagram ‘iPhone App of the Year’
  • 2012: Instagram joins Facebook
  • 2013: Instagram announced Sponsored Photos & Videos

With credentials like this, you should definitely consider this social channel. However, you might be reading this and trying to understand just how Instagram will work for your business. In my opinion, where there’s a will, there’s a way. We’ve helped many of our clients — spanning many different industries — develop a strategy for their account, get their account created and maintain their account. With a little help from a social media partner, Instagram will work for you.

Getting started is easy: download the Instagram app to your device then register your account. After selecting a few settings and uploading a profile image, you can start taking pictures and sharing. Of course, you’ll want to tell your customers that you are new to Instagram and ask them to follow you. Oh, and be nice and follow them back. Remember, this is a community and not a one-sided platform for you to blast sales pitches.

Now you’ve arrived at the fun part: customizing your account to fit your business and marketing plan efforts. Instead of just posting stock images from you website — boring! — try incorporating the following:

  • Behind The Scenes
    • Hosting a company picnic? This is a great place to demonstrate that your brand has a human side.
    • Have a unique office ritual like Cake Day? Share it with you followers.
    • If your company produces something, why not post images of the manufacturing process?
    • Consumer Generated Content
      • Challenge your followers to do something and share it with a custom hashtag. For example, perhaps your business is a fitness center and you want to challenge your followers to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Give away a prize to one random follower; most likely your winner will then post a picture of themselves with their prize.
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Maybe you are an energy company and want to give your followers reminders to conserve energy. Why not take a short video of your office’s efforts to conserve? Something as simple as turning off the lights and showing people working in the natural daylight can be easy and effective.  

Final Thoughts: If you want to make Instagram work for your business, make sure you are able to dedicate a few hours per week to this channel. Be creative, have fun and post things that you think your consumers will find of interest. Need more help? Send us an email or give us a call.


Megan Schroetel (Alumni)

About Megan Schroetel (Alumni)

Megan Schroetel served as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Liquid Interactive. Megan focused on planning, creating, executing, and measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns with social media, email and display marketing.