There were many things I hoped to learn and skills I hoped to gain during an internship this summer. Previous internship experiences opened my eyes to the overlap between Public Relations and Marketing and as a PR student, I wanted the opportunity to expand my marketing knowledge.

That’s where Liquid comes in. My internship at Liquid this summer was not my first internship. I had an idea of what I wanted to learn and how Liquid could help get me there. During my 10 weeks at Liquid Interactive, I learned everything I hoped to learn, and much more.

As a non-marketing major student who had an internship in the digital marketing department, these are 10 useful digital marketing tips I think you (and every business) should follow:

1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Content that is! Don’t spend a lot of time and energy creating content only for it to be used once. Extend the value of your work by repurposing a blog post into a video or a series of blog posts into a comprehensive guide. The opportunities are endless and both you and your business will benefit.

2. Local SEO is Important AF

If there is one area of digital marketing I learned about in this internship that I wasn’t expecting to, it’s SEO. And it’s important. Start with updating and improving local SEO by providing accurate information online. By claiming and verifying your information, you are helping to position your business as trustworthy and increase engagement and traffic.

3. Have a Strategy

For everything! Create a social media plan by using a content calendar and stick to it. Have a plan for who is writing blog posts and when. Use these smaller plans to assist your overall, long-term marketing strategy. SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) will keep your business on track.

4. Listen to Your Audience

Make your job easier by finding out what your audience is talking about (instead of trying to make a topic worth mentioning). Use platforms, such as SEMRush to find topics that are trending and how you can become a part of the conversation.

5. Curate Content

This is the easiest way to continue to publish content on your social platforms that is relevant to your audience. Sharing curated content shows that you keep up to date on industry news and share the information you deemed important. 

Here are a few digital marketing blogs Liquid follows:

6. Create a Buyer Persona

Drive your content creation by keeping your ideal customer(s) in mind. Creating a buyer persona allows you to easily visualize and remember the behaviors, motivations, and goals of your actual customers.

7. Tag Your Links

Add parameters to a URL to keep track for analytics purposes. This is a quick and easy way to measure the success and impact of your work. UTM codes are added to the end of a URL to keep track of traffic when the link is clicked.

8. Know When Your Audience is Online

Creating content that your audience is interested in is the first step. The second step is to publish it when your audience will actually read it, otherwise it is a wasted effort. Take the time to determine when you audience is online and paying attention, and be sure to publish blogs, share social posts, and send emails at the optimal time.

9. Use Social Media Platforms Wisely

It is safe to say almost every business has a social media platform. Now, it is knowing how to use these platforms that is important. Each social media account should have its own, distinct purpose. This gives your audience a reason to follow each one, driving more engagement.

10. Earn certifications

Okay so this one isn’t exactly a marketing tip, but it is a tip to improve you as a marketer.  During my slower work periods at Liquid, I took the opportunity to earn relevant certifications through HubSpot Academy. It was a great way to supplement my internship and continue my learning.

Leaving Liquid, I know that I gained valuable new knowledge and skills that I will be able to apply at future internships and jobs. Liquid gave me the opportunity to be creative and make my internship my own.

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Jennifer Leader (Alumni)

About Jennifer Leader (Alumni)

Jennifer Leader interned with Liquid's Digital Marketing department.