Remember arcade games? You put quarters in the machine, and eventually you’ll have inserted enough credits to start the game.

The same concept applies to delivering your message.

You need 7 “credits” before your audience truly internalizes what you have to say.

Simply put, that means making sure your message is delivered a total of seven times.

Luckily, there are lots of ways to do this — you can repurpose your message across any number of channels. A blog post can become an email newsletter, an Instagram image, a Tweet, a video, another blog post…

You can’t announce something once and expect it to land. You can’t put one quarter in the game and expect it to play. It takes consistency and time. It means inserting one credit after another.

This doesn’t mean you have to put in all seven credits yourself, however. 

The best part of going to an arcade was when someone else had already put a few credits in a game, so it only took two quarters to play Daytona USA instead of a dollar. (Why did that happen? Were there really people who’d put a quarter in the machine and walk away?)

Similarly, your competitors can put credits into your audience by delivering the same message. They can get people ready for you. Your delivery of a message very well could be the seventh credit that “starts the game.” You, then, get credit for pushing that person over the edge. 

When you hand out credits, you might be someone’s first credit or someone’s seventh credit. Keep going. Don’t be afraid of repetition; your announcement or message likely hasn’t fully resonated with someone yet.

Keep putting credits in. Eventually, it’ll pay off and you’ll enjoy the sweet, sweet reward of tickets for the prize counter. 

Steve Luvender

About Steve Luvender

Steve Luvender is a Senior User Experience Designer at Liquid Interactive, where he works with organizations to design and implement solutions that delight people and create business results.