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From the Desk Of...Doug Mancini - President

I am glowing with pride.

What we were able to accomplish over the past 12 months is historic. I owe a sincere debt of gratitude to all our people, clients, partners, and friends. We killed it.

Let’s start with clients. We onboarded 10 iconic brands to our already impressive portfolio. Companies like Chemours, Just Born, Baptist Memorial Health Care, and Doylestown Health, have all given us opportunities to be their digital partner. We thank you. We will always deliver the quality we promise.

Our fantastic long-standing client partners continue to invest their trust in us. For that we are grateful. We are driven to work with all of you for decades to come.

Common language around the office includes “value chain” “meritocracy” “make or break” and “kindness”. These are not simply feel-good words. These are part of a code that we live by. We have built sacred internal relationships with one another, we push each other hard, we never stop learning, and we always stand on our word.

Optional yet highly attended internal workshops are being held to study topics like finance, completed projects, and Liquid values.

We have so much confidence in each other that we made large investments in modernizing and improving our already best-in-class benefit package. More personal and financial rewards are now available to every Liquid team member. We were witness to 2021’s shifting of economic and business dynamics to which we played offense, not defense. We want Liquid to be the best.

Our shared internal vision is to “be the last place each of us ever work.” With technology at the heart of the Great Resignation, we chose to openly discuss topics like retention, rather than hide from them.

Liquid is growing. New brands are being onboarded and new employees are being hired. We currently have several open positions. We are searching for people who not only have the appropriate skillsets, but also share our core beliefs and ethics as this is equally important. Our people are our product, and we strive to always have the finest.

All primary service lines are scaling at an equal pace. Digital Marketing, Experience Design, Technology and Project Management are all connected and moving in harmony. Our Sitecore related business continues to increase and specialties like Content Hub have emerged. Enterprise initiatives around personalization and unified brand experiences are burning hot topics amongst our customers. We are right there with them to ensure they are always ahead of these curves.

As we transition into 2022, Liquid stands with its head high and chest out. We are motivated to continue being your most valued digital partner.

Have a warm and blessed holiday season with family and friends.