SEO in a Micro-Moment Driven World

2017 Q2 Lunch & Learn Recap

Micro-moments are moments of heightened need and intent where people turn to a device to learn something, discover something, or buy something.

In our 2017 Q2 Lunch & Learn, we discussed the changing landscape of search due to the increase in mobile device usage. Mobile has forced the rewriting of the rules, and marketers are now being a lot more assistive to consumers during their time of need.

A successful SEO strategy in 2017 starts with micro-moments and understanding your audience and their intent while searching online. Providing an exceptional user experience for people on any device through quality, unique content is the first step in the right direction to earning your website more visibility.

Effective SEO strategies in 2017 will include:

  • Valuable and unique content that answers your audience’s questions
  • Accurate on-page elements
  • Structured data markup
  • Accessible website architecture
  • Quick user-first experiences for all devices
  • Strong domain authority and trust

Keeping these tactics in mind will provide you the opportunity to reach your audience during their time of need while experiencing a micro-moment.

Watch the full video on SEO in a Micro-Moment Driven World below for more tips!

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