The Message is Still the Thing...

When I was 23 years old, fresh out of college and sitting at my first “real” job at a video production house, my boss explained something I’ve never forgotten: “Good video is expensive… Bad video? That’s even MORE expensive.” He then talked about video’s superior ability to tell a story, demonstrate new concepts and share a focused message.

Fast forward 2 decades… Is what he said still true? I think so. Even in today’s world of low-budget YouTube viral sensations, good video still serves a powerful purpose.

Combining visuals with sound is a one-two punch. Need proof? The popularity of online video has grown 55% in 2012 (eMarketer, 1/12). Companies need more compelling ways to tell their stories…. Video, in the form of training, marketing, and corporate communication are fantastic ways to tell a story – in your words, with your emphasis on your features and benefits.

Demonstrate New Concepts
A well-crafted, effective product demo that meets needs and eases processes will yield sales benefits. In fact, Internet Retailer reports that 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. Seeing is believing!

Focused Messaging
Video provides a unique opportunity to tune out other choices and other voices. For the length of an average attention span, your video has the unique ability to tell your story in your words. When combined with a well-executed marketing plan, video has the power to bring your brand to new levels of success.

Whether you’re incorporating video into your marketing plans, or playing Spielburg on the weekends, here are a few pointers: Identify the story you need to tell. Use the power of video to effectively demonstrate the power of your product or concept. Don’t just say it – show it. Finally, focus your message – and tell one story at a time. In the video world, less is sometimes more.

One word about bad video… If your message isn’t clear, doesn’t tell a story, or tries to tell too many stories, it doesn’t matter how much time you put into it – or how much it cost… It’s not worth it… and therefore too expensive. On the other hand, when a video is clear and focused, you’ll influence behavior – proving once and for all – that the message is the thing.