I have a confession. I take issue with my husband, who claims he can’t bake so much as a simple muffin. The truth is, he absolutely has the intelligence and practical skills he needs. I have a feeling that he simply needs some instruction to demystify the art of following a recipe… He needs to break it down into manageable parts, follow the instructions, and practice a little.

I think he’ll not only feel great about gaining a new skill, but realize the great results of his labor.

In my job as a writer and producer, I feel exactly the same about the benefits of E-Learning. As companies continue to cut costs, stretch dollars, yet demand the same level of output from employees, e-learning is a recipe for success.

Global bands depend on the cost-savings and benefits of online training programs now more than ever. In fact, last year, e-learning modules saved companies 50% over traditional instructor-led training. Perhaps the best benefit of all? A 60% retention rate for online training. It’s a tried and true recipe that bakes in all the elements your employees need to succeed!

Liquid has worked with many companies across all industries to help create effective online and digital education programs. Just like a recipe, e-learning breaks processes down into manageable parts, giving employees both instruction AND practice.

Some of the benefits are:

  • There is consistent messaging. Across your organization, every user receives the same instruction with the same emphasis on the same key information – every time.
  • It’s flexible and convenient. Scheduling live training sessions is rarely easy. Trying to find a time where all of the necessary attendees can be in one place is akin to herding cats. With an e-learning program, users can schedule training at their convenience (even if “convenient” means 8 PM on a Tuesday!).
  • It caters to a variety of learning styles. Some learn by watching, some by listening, and some by doing. E-Learning encompasses all of these practices. Video demonstrates processes. Gamification lets employees practice skills. The combination of words, diagrams, video and sound increase retention rates across learning methodology.
  • The proof is in the pudding. Test modules give admins confidence that their teams have absorbed critical information.
  • Tell ‘Em, Tell ‘Em Again. Tell ‘Em You Told ‘Em. If an employee needs a refresher, all he or she needs to do is log in to review a section of training.

Consider the ROI. If you think about it, the cost of your e-learning is intrinsically smaller than the cost of traditional training. In fact, for every dollar spent on e-learning, companies receive $30 in productivity. It’s a no-brainer (er, piece of cake, actually) that online training will give your employees the confident edge they need to succeed.

If your company hasn’t tapped into the power of e-learning, call Liquid. We’ll help you bake up a recipe for success…

You ain’t seen muffin yet!

Kelly Planer (Alumni)

About Kelly Planer (Alumni)

Kelly Planer served as the Video Services Manager at Liquid Interactive. For almost two decades, Kelly has written, directed and produced across all media touch points: thirty-second commercials, long form documentaries, social media, blogs, training programs, live broadcasts and web.