It all started in an abandoned warehouse littered with rodent skeletons. No, not the set of a horror film, but the first step in our journey to make Tea Label an entirely new web experience for the Bills Khakis brand.

Looking for a Catwalk

We wanted to stay local to shoot the Tea label brand, but needed a bold backdrop to set the scene. Armed with the looks we wanted to showcase, Bills’ photographer and the Liquid video team, we took to some of the historic buildings near Bills HQ in downtown Reading. After a long day of traipsing through abandoned buildings and over rooftops overlooking scenic Reading, we found the attitude embodied in Tea Label.

Bills photo shoot


Bills photo shoot

On photoshoot day, my job was pretty simple: undress and dress the model. But that was only the beginning of the six month process to make these looks come to life on the new Tea Label landing page for Fall 2015.

Bringing it to Life

Now for the hard work. With the photoshoot behind us and tons of photos and video footage to edit, we were ready to start developing our ideas to showcase the new brand.

It took numerous boils (Liquid lingo for brainstorms) combined with our designer’s hand sketches, updated product page layouts, video integration and hours of work to tell the story of Tea Label.

Bills Khakis is a client that utilizes nearly every single service from Liquid, from video, creative services, development, and content strategy to social media strategy, User Experience, SEO, and email marketing.

Bills Khakis Sketch

I consider one of the most important parts of my job to be helping both of our teams find a balance between our creativity and the data on how Bills Khakis users shop online and interact with the site. As the project manager on the account, I work closely with the internal Bills team to convey our ideas to the client and collaborate on the best way to make their vision come to life on the site. This process includes creating consistency in Bills Khakis’ messaging and creating a united front for pushing promotions through the multiple channels that we manage.

Project Manager Pride

A mere two years ago when I started working on this account, we were only working with Bills on website maintenance and email marketing. As Liquid’s team and offerings grow, we’re able to continue supporting the growing Bills brand. This was definitely showcased in the creation of this new Tea Label experience, and this was just one piece of Bills Khakis’ Fall launch. I know in years to come we will only continue to improve and challenge ourselves to make the experience of Bills Khakis brand the best online experience it can be.

To really understand my pride for this page and my team that built it, check out the page for yourself!

Bills photo shoot


Emily Ascani (Alumni)

About Emily Ascani (Alumni)

Emily Ascani served as Project Management Team Lead at Liquid Interactive. She was responsible for the coordination and completion of projects for a number of Liquid’s clients including Mack Trucks, Martin Guitar and Olympus.