We plan, manage and execute many successful social media contests and promotions each year. As a contest organizer, sometimes thinking of the big picture can be overwhelming to say the least. Our Digital Campaigns department is just wrapping up our most recent contest.

Setting up and running a successful contest or promotion is mostly time consuming, but as long as you have planned well and are organized, things will almost always run smoothly. When planning for a contest or promotion, take it back to elementary school and remember your What, Who, When, Where, Why & How! Here’s what we did when planning for the Bills Khakis Father of 2014 contest.

What: What did we want to do?

We brainstormed with Bills Khakis to determine what type of promotion they wanted to host. Together, we settled on an integrated campaign to not only celebrate fathers, but to also position Bills Khakis as the Official Sponsor of Father’s Day.

Bills Khakis Fathers Day

Who: Who did we want to target?

For this promotion, we knew that we wanted to target anyone who knew a father that was worthy of the Father of 2014 title. It’s safe to say that everyone knows or knew a father. We set out to test targeting different segments of men and women. Based on our research and past experience, our inclination was that women would be more inclined to nominate a father in their life. Because of that we targeted social media savvy moms, wives, sisters over the age of 18.

Bills Khakis Fathers Day

When: When will the campaign take place?

This one was easy since it was influenced by seasonality. For us, the big question was how far in advance we would begin to promote the Father of 2014 contest. Some of my best ideas and concepts tend to come just a tad too late which can add to the stress of a contest so plan ahead.

Where: What social media channels will be use?

We went back and forth in our discovery session on this one. We knew based on past experiences with Bills Khakis, that their largest social presence was on Facebook and Twitter but we didn’t want to neglect their growing Instagram audience and their already existing email database.

For this specific campaign, we opted to accept entries through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We built a responsive landing page for the campaign that housed a newsfeed like tool called Tint. Tint allowed us to create a custom hashtag and aggregate all social media posts that were posted across the active social media channels.

Why: Why do this?

Ultimately we wanted to get a few things out of this campaign:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow social media presence
  • Position Bills Khakis as the ‘Official Sponsor of Father’s Day’
  • Celebrate fathers everywhere
  • Drive added sales on billskhakis.com before and after Father’s Day
Bills Khakis Fathers Day

How: Here’s how…

Phase 1: Concept Development
We encouraged users to nominate a dad by submitting photos or videos, using #BillsFathersDay, showing us why a dad in their life deserves to be the Official 2014 Bills Khakis Dad of 2014.

Prizes were awarded for the top three entries, selected by the official judges from Bills Khakis. The Grand Prize was the official title of Father of 2014 and $2500 to shop at billskhakis.com. Second and third place winners received a shopping credit to the Bills Khakis online store.

Phase 2: Planning
Over the course of two months, we worked together with the client to finalize the campaign branding and creative, develop the website, create the content and write the official rules and regulations.


Phase 3: Execution

  1. We created and launched the campaign landing page.
  2. Launched social media ads on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Wrote and executed a social media editorial calendar.
    • Actively monitored all social media engagement.
    • All entries automatically fed into the social media feed on the contest landing page.
  4. Compiled all entries and submit to the judges.
  5. Announced the winners! Giving away prizes and making people happy tends to be the best part of hosting contests.
  6. Reporting and Analytics
    • Don’t forget to run reports on your contest. This will help you to determine whether or not the contest was a success. If the contest was a success, take what you learned this time and apply it to future contests and promotions.
Bills Khakis Fathers Day


Bills Khakis Fathers Day

This was just a peek into the entire process of developing and executing a successful contest. If you are thinking of running a contest or promotion on your social media channels but just don’t know where to start, connect with us. Liquid has vast experience in helping our clients succeed in social media marketing. We’re just an email or call away and we’re chatty so don’t be afraid; we’d love to help.


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