The steady march away from the desktop computer has picked up pace with more and more users transitioning to mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the internet. The time Americans spend on mobile computing (non-voice mobile activities) will edge out time spent on laptops and PCs this year according to eMarketer.

What does that mean? It means mobile has grown dramatically. It’s no longer just a significant device segment in digital marketing; it’s quickly becoming the biggest segment. It means that being accessible to mobile users is absolutely essential. It means that enterprise mobility solutions are needed to keep up with a mobile workforce.

We’re seeing the shift at Liquid. Responsive Web Design isn’t a shiny new toy; it’s the preferred method for developing websites. Global corporations are turning to us as expert consultants on enterprise mobility. In the past 6 months, we’ve launched 4 new mobile apps, hired 4 new mobile developers and are generally up to our knees in all things mobile.

Liquid will also be releasing our open source mobility framework which will allow web developers and programmers (non-mobile specialists) to rapidly develop mobile applications utilizing standard web based languages. We are excited about this product and look forward to making it available to the general public.

From fun and polished entertainment apps to delivering secure business critical data to tablets and handhelds, Liquid has steadily become the leader in all things mobility. Rest assured, as the mobile industry continues to change; we will change with it.

Jim Ludlow

About Jim Ludlow

Jim is the President and CEO of Liquid Interactive. A founding father of Liquid, with dozens of published articles, a nationally-recognized personal investment book and decades of sound business practices quietly notched behind his name, Jim’s mere presence conjures a sense of confidence and integrity. He leads by example, encouraging each of us to push harder, continually improve, execute wisely and use our collective talents to bolster client growth.