Liquid’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Emily Massaro Presents at Lehigh Valley Technology and Marketing Conference

Lehigh Valley TechFest 2015 provided extensive information from industry experts on new technologies, digital marketing strategies, and how to keep all of your information secure. Liquid’s Digital Marketing Strategist, Emily Massaro, presented along with Discover Lehigh Valley’s Kaitie Burger and Gross McGinley, LLP’s Kimberly Spotts-Kimmel on Three Ways to Kickstart Your Content Marketing Strategy.



Developing Content

Emily first emphasized that social media marketing can be a part of any organization’s content strategy, whether B2B or B2C. No matter what industry your brand may be in, the importance of creating and sharing content that is valuable and relevant to both current and prospective customers, is crucial to a successful strategy. Once relevant content is created, it is also important to share that content on a consistent basis with followers, in order to build trust between followers and your brand.

Relevant and valuable content will help to drive traffic to your website, show thought leadership in your industry, and become a resource for repurposing content through social media.

Tips from Emily:

  • Establish a content calendar to create an organized schedule
  • Utilize a blog topic generator like this one from HubSpot.

Leveraging Video

Emily went on to suggest taking advantage of video when forming a content marketing strategy. She advised that brands today don’t necessarily need a huge budget to create powerful videos, and that some highly effective videos can be produced using the smartphone in your pocket. Creating quality content through video is another great way to increase an organization’s online visibility, since YouTube is the second largest search engine (next to Google). Videos formats like “how to’s” and product demonstrations are engaging content on social media. Visuals – and video especially – are quickly becoming the norm on social media, helping to grab and hold the attention of more followers than plain text posts.

Tips from Emily:

  • Start with shorter video clips on social media
  • Take advantage of moments behind the scenes with products or employees
  • Followers do not expect these clips to be as high quality


Engaging Your Audience through Promotions

Promotions such as giveaways and contests provide an opportunity for lead generation, or the generation of consumer interest. Additionally, Emily explained that promotions create the chance to collect user-generated content, like photos or quotes. When a brand runs a digital promotion, it excites followers and increases the chances of them sharing with friends online, which grows your social following and brand.

Tips from Emily:

  • Define your organization’s goals before starting a promotion
  • Based on those goals, perform research on proper tools and platforms to use
  • ShortStack: Social media contests and campaigns
  • ViralSweep: Sweepstakes platform 

Developing content on your site, leveraging video and engaging your audience through promotions will get you started in developing your content marketing strategy. Ultimately, by creating valuable content and sharing it on the platforms that your audience is on, you’ll begin to attract and grow an engaged following.

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