Today’s business environment is multilingual and multicultural. As our clients’ influence grows, so does our need to provide digital sales and marketing tools in other languages for a variety of cultural audiences.

It’s not enough to provide a verbatim translation of a block of text. It’s key to know where your audience is… and speak to them like a native.

For example, The Castilian Spanish I learned in High School isn’t the right local dialect to use in Argentina. A man from Montreal may get by in Paris – but any Frenchman will know he’s from out of town. A Mandarin woman doesn’t necessarily relate to Shanghai Chinese.

If this concept seems a bit foreign to you, think of all the varieties of English: “The King’s English (England),” Mid Ulster (Northern Ireland), Maltenglish (Malta), Maritime English (Canada), Bay Islands English (Honduras), Cameroon English, Torres Strait English (Australia) and the Taranaki Accent of New Zealand. It’s all English – but it’s not what we’re used to speaking in the United States.

The cultural distinctions of language delve even deeper:  In the United States alone, I could say “Grinder,” “Hoagie,” “Sub” or “Hero,” and mean a long sandwich with meat, cheese, vegetables and dressing. However, no respectable New Yorker would patronize a Greenwich Village deli and ask for a Grinder…  If you travel a few hours to Greenwich, Connecticut, that order would be clearly understood with no question!

These examples may seem petty, but they make a world of difference in presenting a clear message to any audience to whom you wish to relate. Think of it this way… If you can keep an audience focused on your message – simply by speaking the word “pecan” in the proper regional dialect (“pee-KAHN,” vs. “pick-CAN,” “PEE-kahn” or “PEE-can!”), wouldn’t you be nuts not to do so?

Liquid can help you communicate with foreign audiences with its translation and cultural services. Liquid can localize your marketing collateral, training materials, video and web content for any audience. Our partner-translators, language specialists, and project managers do wonders in helping clients tell their stories – and speak their truths – in any language, across any culture.

Why trust your precious message to an online translator app, or even a company who doesn’t understand the subtleties of language? For more information about Liquid’s Translation Services, contact your Account Executive today, or call us at 484-397-4179.

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Kelly Planer (Alumni)

About Kelly Planer (Alumni)

Kelly Planer served as the Video Services Manager at Liquid Interactive. For almost two decades, Kelly has written, directed and produced across all media touch points: thirty-second commercials, long form documentaries, social media, blogs, training programs, live broadcasts and web.