Pablo Picasso is easily one the most well-known and successful artists of all time. Scholars estimate that he produced an astounding 50,000 artworks during his life, but that’s not what made him successful. Imagine what would have happened if Picasso only displayed his paintings in the hallway of his apartment building. Not many people would have seen them, it’s doubtful he would have ever sold one and there’s no way we would be talking about him today.

Are you displaying your video content in a metaphorical crummy apartment complex hallway? That masterpiece new video – the one you vetted in focus groups, with the celebrity spokesperson, customized orchestral score and heartfelt emotional message - placed on your un-optimized YouTube channel with a measly 40 subscribers just doesn’t stand a chance. No matter how much of a masterpiece, your video isn’t going to get you conversions if you aren’t utilizing it properly.

It looks like you’ve wasted not only your video budget, but also your chance to gain a large audience…

But fear not! Your video’s value can still be saved with the right video strategy.

Promotion is Key

When you create your video, set aside budget for promotion. If you don’t have a plan or any budget to promote your video, then the video can easily get lost in a sea of piano-playing cats, or even worse, your competitor’s videos.

Here are a few ways to both garner attention and build a loyal audience.

  • Use YouTube’s pre-roll ads. They are an effective way to promote your brand and drive people back to your website or your YouTube channel so you can grow your audience for future content.
  • Add video to your display advertising. This gives your viewers content that leaves a more lasting impression.
  • Pair it with a press-release. Think of your video as newsworthy content. When you send out a press-release, having video content will make a journalist much more likely to run with the story.

Let me give you an example. We created and promoted this video to generate buzz for SIAM’s Mega Math Challenge. Within four weeks the video had nearly 60K views.

Multiply Your Video for Social

Want to really maximize your video’s value? Repurpose it. Take your original video back to the editing studio and break out several short clips to be used as sharable posts on your social channels. These shorter social videos are often evergreen and can be repurposed yet again as valuable content in the future.

We applied this strategy to a few clips from our most recent Lunch & Learn @ Liquid.

Feature Video on Your Website and Email

We’ve talked before about the importance of content for your site’s SEO. Video content is no different. Place videos on frequently visited pages of your site to increase engagement and time on sent.

Emails also benefit from having video featured. When video is the main piece of content for an email, the click-through rate multiplies by 2-3 times!

Monitor and Optimize Your Content

We started this discussion with the premise that your video is a masterpiece, but if you’ve followed all these tips and still aren’t seeing engagement or return, you need to take a step back and look at your content with a critical eye. Is it really an exceptional piece of content? Do your ideas for video content come from picking them out of a hat or are you monitoring what’s relevant to your audience around your products and brands? Knowing which content is resonating with your viewers and how users are finding your video is important data for your brand. Social listening is a great tool for finding out what content is most relevant for your audience.

Need help with your video strategy? Contact us about scheduling a comprehensive video strategy session.

Shawn Thomas

About Shawn Thomas

Shawn Thomas is a Business Development Specialist at Liquid Interactive. As a Business Development Specialist, Shawn helps to drive the business development process through research, marketing, and innovation.