Imagine for a moment – your spouse, a family member or friend gets news that will change their life forever. The C-word: CANCER.

Imagine them telling you their diagnosis. You try your best to comfort them. You’d give anything to be able to help save their life, right?

Well there IS something you can do. Say yes to giving blood.

My Story

Here’s a little backstory on me. I was a healthy 41-year-old, and two years prior I had given blood for the first time. I was a little nervous, what if something shows up in the blood that I didn’t know about? What if my iron is low? What if, what if? … and the list went on.

Once I made the decision to give blood, I realized just how easy it really was. I got to sit still for 20+ minutes (and if you know me ... well, that’s a long time). I also got a snack and a soda, but most importantly I knew that what I was doing at that moment was incredibly important, I was possibly saving someone’s life. Little did I know that in a few years’ time, I would be the one on the receiving end of it.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bladder Cancer – a carcinoma, a three-pack-a-day smoker’s cancer. I had never been a smoker.

I had to endure a 14-hour surgery to remove my bladder and have a new one made. It was an extensive operation, and there was no question that I would need blood. I am beyond ecstatic that I had a successful operation, and to be alive and thriving today.

Without that essential medical supply – donated blood – that may not have been the case. After all, blood doesn’t grow on trees.

Giving Back

Fast forward to today, June 2018. I’m now well on the road to recovery and itching to give back, to give to those in need like I once was. The American Red Cross states that most cancer survivors will be able to resume donating blood one year after the cancer has been treated and the cancer has not come back. (The time can vary at different blood centers). I’m about to celebrate my two-year anniversary of being cancer free, but since I participated in a trial immunotherapy for a full year post-op, I’m still 8 months shy of my one-year anniversary of being officially cancer free, and able to start donating again.

So, I’m asking you to do the one thing I can’t yet; give blood. If you’re local to the Lehigh Valley, please join us at Liquid HQ on July 31st at our annual blood drive. If not, find your own local blood bank and book an appointment.

Giving blood is giving the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. 

Please, make an appointment to donate on 7/31.

Lina Lobach

About Lina Lobach

Lina is the Client Experience Manager at Liquid Interactive. She assists clients in understanding what their experience will be and helps guide them throughout their journey with Liquid, making every engagement smoother and simpler on both their end and ours.