Creative Director. Technical Lead. Director of Photography. Every single one of these people — and many others — are critical to the success of your next digital marketing project.

But, in a marketing agency built for your success there’s one person who, like an air traffic controller, ensures that the project take-off, flight, and landing all go smooth like butta’.

You’ve probably figured out we’re talking about the Project Manager, but can you guess why?

It starts with finding your “right fit”

Imagine this scenario:

  • You’re approved and prepared to develop a new responsive website for your brand
  • You battled for the budget
  • You justified the investment with a solid ROI model
  • You can practically see the finished product in your mind.

But there’s one step left: engage with the right agency and get to work.

So, with so many things to consider in your search for that “right fit,” what is it that you should listen for from your eventual agency? My guess is that if you ask fifty different people in the same situation, less than ten percent would say anything resembling this – the most important person to you, the client, will be your Project Manager.

Think for a moment about the role of that air traffic controller. They sit in a tower managing the hundreds of moving planes in the skies above. They are the central focus of every pilot, every single one. All movements are intentional; no plane moves without confirmation; no communication is immaterial.

The very success of your travel lies not only in the hands of your pilot, but more importantly in the hands of competent air traffic controllers. If pilots begin moving without orchestration, disaster is imminent.

How will your project land?

Now take that example and apply it to your newly-funded project.

Unlike landing an airplane, I’m not suggesting that any marketing project is a literal life and death venture, but it can be extremely damaging to your business if it goes wrong. Think what might happen, for example, if you launch an unsuccessful e-commerce website that your company relies on for the majority of its revenue. If you don’t have a central person to orchestrate every single detail of your project with precision, a failed project – one that’s over budget, blew the deadline, or simply doesn’t meet its goals – is almost inevitable.

The development of your new website has a multitude of moving parts, processes, and hurdles. None of which you can see or control on your own. Issues (like bad weather) are bound to pop up, and you need someone to see the storm, understand its impact on your project, and manage you through it to what is, ultimately, a smooth and safe landing.

Bottom line – an agency built for your success will have a project management team that has confidence, straight forward and direct communication skills, and a desire to protect your budget and your timeline. If they are focused on your project, your budget, and your timeline then not only are you successful, but so is the agency.

You want a win-win project?

Ask your prospective agencies who on their team is most important to your success. There is only one answer that is truly correct – the Project Manager – your eyes, ears, and bookkeeper! If they are “thrown into” the project, then they are “free.” You know what they say about anything free, right?

It’s true.

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Kurt Cannon

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Kurt is the Vice President, Client Engagement at Liquid Interactive. Kurt leverages his more than 15 years of senior leadership experience to oversee the client experience at Liquid. He is responsible for the creation of new, meaningful services in the market, the strategic application of those services for our clients, and exceeding client expectations with solid, measurable results.