Most of us have hopped aboard the social media train by now. I’m sure as a marketer or business person; you probably don’t need me to prove why your business needs social media. However, I want to discuss some of the benefits of a social media strategy partnership that might make you think twice before you post your next tweet.

Time Management

On average, small businesses are spending anywhere from 7-20 hours on social media per week. In fact, 66% of small businesses say that they are spending more time on social media, compared with one year ago. How much time is your organization spending on social media? Do you feel that it is adequate for your business’s needs? For some, this is where it becomes clear that partnering with a social media marketing team has the potential to be the game-changer to enhance your social media footprint.

Think of your social media marketing partner as an extension to your in-house marketing. We keep an eye on the ever-changing social media companies and their tools and understand how their changes will affect your business. We stay updated on best practices, and we are made up of people who live and breathe social media marketing. An added bonus… we can help you to free your time to tend to more urgent things, like running a business.

Content creation

Sure, you can write posts and publish them on a daily basis but is that really the most effective method? As your social media marketing team, we take the time to understand your business goals, create a cohesive content strategy and editorial calendars that target your intended audience keeping engagement in mind. Oh and by the way, we’ll stay on top of your competitors to makes sure you are always one step ahead- just one less thing to worry about. 

In addition to creating awesome content, we are great at finding similar shareable content surrounding your company, industry or whatever your audience finds of interest. Being on social media isn’t about just pushing content, it’s about engaging and creating a relationship with your customers.

On top of all of this, we will work with your analytics data to review what engages your audience the most and how it plays into your custom social media strategy, and then create reports and make recommendations that help increase your ROI. This enables us to make sure that your time is spent efficiently and that your company is always positioned in the right places at the right time.

Customer service

Our role as a social media marketing team is to monitor your channels around the clock. This way if a customer posts a question about your product on a Saturday or a Thursday night, we are there to respond. We can respond to both positive and negative comments, insert ourselves into real-time conversations about your brand and most importantly act as your go-to person for when you need a break away from the computer, because we know that your business’s social media pages shouldn’t consume your life.

If you are considering hiring a social media marketing team, be sure you find one that fits your company’s culture. After all, they will most likely be acting and responding on your behalf in a public setting, so make sure the trust and comfort levels are there. Liquid’s Digital Marketing team works with many clients in different industries and in different phases of their social media journey. We might just be the perfect extension to your marketing team, let’s chat.  


Megan Schroetel (Alumni)

About Megan Schroetel (Alumni)

Megan Schroetel served as a Digital Marketing Strategist at Liquid Interactive. Megan focused on planning, creating, executing, and measuring the performance of digital marketing campaigns with social media, email and display marketing.