As video content continues to dominate media consumption, animation is proving to be the most effective technique of video communication. YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. Video in an Email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate and including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. These are staggering numbers and it’s time to leverage this medium by creating content your consumers want to engage with. Here are 5 reasons why animation is the most effective way to utilize video and connect with your audience.

5 Reasons You Need to Use Animation

  1. Visually Engaging

    Animation is inherently eye-catching and captivating. By appealing to multiple senses, animation offers an easy and effective way to grab and hold a viewer’s attention.

  2. Quick and Concise Communication

    Animation allows you to quickly present large amounts of complex information in a clear and concise way. This method also enables you to explain abstract ideas and bring any concept to life with no limitations.

  3. Easy to Consume and Share

    Consuming animation requires very little effort by the viewer, making it the preferred method of media consumption. In addition to easy consumption, animated videos are among the most shared videos on social media.

  4. Increase Understanding

    Because animation appeals to both visual and auditory senses, information retention and comprehension greatly increases. Consumers also have a clearer understanding of the brands overall message.

  5. Save Time and Money

    Generally speaking, it’s much cheaper and requires less time to create an animation versus live action video. Animation allows you to bypass all of the live action expenses such as a large crew, finding talent, finding a location, equipment and general production costs.

Animation Services We Offer

We offer a wide variety of animation services in many different styles and applications. We will work with you to determine the most effective creative solution for sharing your story.

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Animated Explainer Videos

  • Character Animation
  • Kinetic Typography
  • Infographic Animation
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Kick-Starter Explainer

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Recycled Content Animation

  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Illustrations
  • Data Visualization
  • Poster Design

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Video Animation

  • Logo Animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Integrated Graphics
  • Titling/Lower Thirds
  • Title Sequence
  • Special Effects
  • Compositing

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Web Animation

  • Web Banners
  • Advertisements
  • UI/UX Prototyping
  • Website/App Animations
  • Social Graphics
  • Looping GIFs

Animation is the perfect creative choice for brands looking to tell complex stories. We can enhance and emphasize your message with an intensity and energy that can only be created through motion.

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