Content is a proven and effective tool to engage customers in today's digital landscape. However, if you're creating content without a documented Content Strategy you might as well be throwing away money and time.

A uniquely-created, structured Content Strategy is the only way to ensure your business will send the right messages to the right people, at the right time. It's your marketing team's only true guide for delivering real business results and the metrics that prove your efforts having a positive impact on your business objectives. Best of all, it enables you to replicate success.

Want proof it works? Nearly 60% of those who have a documented strategy rate themselves successful in Content Marketing, versus the 32% of those who claim to have a verbal strategy. 2016 Content Marketing Institute statistics.

Key Elements of Customer Engagement

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Who will you target?

Defining your specific customer types and the topics they care about is a valuable asset in your marketing efforts. Only focused messages establish true engagement.

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What will you say?

It's all about finding the appropriate message that pertains to your goals and your customer needs. Creating brand awareness? Lead generation? Customer service? A true strategy will define your content at various stages of the customer journey.

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Where will you present it?

A documented content strategy defines the types of content you'll create and the channels you will use for publication. It also recommends key methods to maximize your content ROI such as re-purposing and republishing content.

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How will you create it?

he workflow for creating your content must be a detailed, accountable process in order to establish consistency and repeatable success. Don't get buried in the minutia and complications. Define your content owners, creators, and managers.

Want real audience engagement, compelling storytelling, and effective calls-to-action? Then you need a documented content strategy.

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