Is your company leveraging data to make decisions? Do you have the right tools implemented and integrated? Are your teams staffed appropriately, and is there a growth plan in place as your organization leverages data in new and insightful ways? Is there a documented strategy for collecting, analyzing and interpreting data?

Those are just a few of the questions we’ll help you answer as part of our analytics transformation program. First, we’ll help you understand where you are in regards to your analytics maturity, and where some of the largest gaps exist in your organization. We’ll then help you structure your people, processes and technology for maximum efficiency.

What We Do

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Current State Assessment

A scorecard assessing analytics maturity across five key topics, with a gap analysis of where your organization is currently, and your optimal future operating state.


Measurement Framework

A definition of what, where and how to track the data your organization needs to make decisions and measure progress towards business goals.


Data Visualization Strategy

A documentation of the necessary data visualizations and self-service dashboards required to enable actionable insights and exploration for different data consumers within your organization.


Platform Evaluation and Implementation

The review of platforms, including their ability to drive your organization’s business goals and use cases, a recommendation for selection, as well the implementation of selected tools.


Analytics Governance

A definition of metrics, processes and standards for analytics alongside a recommendation for staffing and structuring the analytics team within the larger organization.

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