Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools often house large amounts of data around marketing, sales, and customer support touchpoints. With a CRM in place, tying sales and lost opportunities back to your marketing campaigns will allow your team to continuously improve and target the right people who are more likely to convert.

Providing sales representatives with insightful metrics from the CRM in an easy to understand manner gives them the data they need to make improvements internally. Whether it be delivering sales teams insights in an easy to understand manner, or identifying improvements for customer service operations, we will find a way to give teams the right data they need to make incremental improvements. We make CRM work for your business.

What We Do:


Sales Forecasting

Using historical sales data combined with other insights to improve sales forecast outcomes and assist with resource planning


Sales Performance Management

Empowering sales representatives and their managers with powerful dashboards to easily spot coaching opportunities and ways to increase efficiency

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High Value Customer Segmentation

Identify high-value customer groupings and extract insights to seek out similar customer types


Partner Performance Management

Visibility into partner programs such as referrals to assess the value and revenue outcomes


CRM Adoption and Utilization Models

Ensuring teams are making the most of their investments by analyzing usage and opportunities to accelerate adoption

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Attrition and Retention Modeling

Leveraging data from a CRM platform to produce insights and actions for reducing customer churn and predicting customer loyalty

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Customer Acquisition Models

Identifying high-value customer attributes associated with profitable leads, and recommending how to spend time and resources converting them

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Business Application Management

Stitching together data from custom applications built on your CRM platform to deliver business insights

Platforms Include:


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