Data visualization is used to communicate patterns, trends and correlations in a format that is much more efficient to interpret than receiving a myriad of spreadsheets.

Whether your organization is visualizing data in a dashboard or report (or both!), access to data is easier than ever. What’s not getting easier? Focusing in on what’s really important to your business. That’s where we can help. In a sea of data, we’re here to guide you to insights, not just metrics.

What We Do:

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Data Visualization Strategy

A documentation of the necessary data visualizations and self-service dashboards required to enable actionable insights and exploration for different data consumers within your organization

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Building impactful data visualizations that are customized to business users profiles to get insight into what really matters

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Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual reports with actionable KPIs and insightful recommendations that matter to your business

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Embedded Analytics

Integrating analytic insights into your day-to-day by configuring push notifications and mobile alerts, enabling your Amazon Echo to provide you with real-time business information, or even automating workflows

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Data Visualization and Reporting Knowledge & Ideas:


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