In today’s digital world, mobility is king. About 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices. That means that your message, whether it was made for print, digital, or broadcast, has to have a strong, strategic mobile presence. Without it, you’d might as well pack up and go home.

You could do that, or you could you engage Liquid Interactive’s Mobile & Touch Design services. We’ll make sure your message is perfectly primed for a world on the go.

A User-Centered Approach

Not all design is equal. In a mobile world, your design must be a living, breathing entity, able to adapt to its environment and expand to reach new audiences.

At Liquid, we’ll work with you to understand your goals and interests, and create an effective mobile experience that’s specifically tailored to your needs — and those of your customers.

Touch Perfect

Embracing mobile is one thing; creating a good mobile experience is another. A flashy design and pretty-looking buttons don’t do much good if they’re too small or located in the wrong place.

We understand that an easy-to-read, touch-friendly experience takes a lot of factors into account. Not just size, color, and font, but things like thumb placement and how people hold their phones. All of that forms the essence of a satisfying mobile experience your customers will want to seek out and use repeatedly.


Stay in ‘touch’ with your mobile audience