Now that you have a great e-commerce website, what’s next? Maybe you have a built-in customer base that already knows and loves you. That’s a great start. But to be successful, you need to get the word out and grow that base even more.

That’s why Liquid doesn’t stop at the creating phase. We understand how important e-commerce marketing is to meeting your long-term objectives. We’ll design campaigns to successfully attract customers, drive them to your site, and increase sales.

Email Marketing
A completed transaction should not be the end of your relationship. It doesn’t matter what type of product you have; you can’t afford to be out of sight, out of mind. We’ll use email marketing to regularly engage with customers, build relationships with them, and turn them into the kind of brand advocates who come back time and time again.

E-commerce PPC
Working with established customers is great, but how about finding some news ones? Well, let’s start at the top — of Google, that is. With carefully planned pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns using Adwords, we can target specific keywords and help find you the most qualified customers.

E-commerce SEO
As good as PPC can be, no search strategy is complete without organic SEO as well. We’ll create a customized approach and optimize your site and your content for the keywords your customers are looking for, so you’ll naturally appear higher in search engine results and get their attention.

Social Media
Your social media channels are an invaluable tool for promotion. Well plan, develop, and execute a customized strategy (including all needed content) to engage your existing audience and take your brand viral. We’ll also look to social media advertising to help solidify your online shopping presence.



Our team has years of experience implementing solutions on various e-commerce platforms.  We carefully assess your needs and goals — now and for the future — and recommend the best solution to fuel your customers’ e-commerce experience.

Ready to e-commerce like a champ?
We have the technology and marketing chops to develop and grow your e-commerce solution. Contact Liquid if you’re looking to start — or strengthen — your e-commerce efforts.
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