While there’s a lot that goes into e-commerce success, let's face it: a good storefront is essential.

You can’t attract or keep a customer base if your website is slow, antiquated, or difficult to navigate.  Your visitors need to be able to find what they want and complete the transaction — as quickly and easily as possible.

At Liquid, we live and breathe good user experience.  Based on our in-depth planning, we’ll build or refine an e-commerce website that not only looks good, but delivers a solid, enjoyable experience for your audience.

Information Architecture
If you owned a physical store, you wouldn’t just dump all of your products in the middle of the floor and let customers fend for themselves.  So why do it online?  With good information architecture, we organize your content and your products in a logical, user-friendly way.  That’s not just good for your customers — it’s good for you, too, making it easier to manage and maintain your site.

E-commerce Development
When it comes to the nuts and bolts of building a solution, we’re platform agnostic.  We don’t box ourselves (or you) into one way of working.  We’ll look to the latest technologies and recommend the solution that best fits your needs and your goals.  And we’ll make sure it’s secure with PCI compliance, so your customers can shop with confidence.

E-commerce Design
Everybody likes a good-looking website.  Functionality is important, but an effective website also has to be a visual treat that delights your visitors.  That’s why we put just as much care into what’s outside the hood as what’s under the hood.  Because you want to not only attract new customers — you want to keep them and transform them into advocates for your brand.

Mobile Commerce
As you know by now, mobile devices are everywhere.  People just don’t want to communicate and collaborate on the go — they want to shop, too.  We’ll take care of them with a mobile-first approach.  Whether it’s a responsive e-commerce design or a purely mobile one, we’ll create an experience that not only puts the user first, but makes sure your website can stay on the cutting edge.



Our team has years of experience implementing solutions on various e-commerce platforms.  We carefully assess your needs and goals — now and for the future — and recommend the best solution to fuel your customers’ e-commerce experience.

Ready to e-commerce like a champ?
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