On the web, your work is never done. Your website is a living, breathing organism, always subject to change based on your goals and your audience’s experience. That’s why the launch of your new e-commerce website is only the beginning. To have lasting success, you need to continually analyze, refine, and optimize your website.

At Liquid, we’ll work with you (and your customers) to study your performance, identify areas for improvement, and plan and execute enhancements. We’re a trusted partner who will team with you over the long haul to make sure you’re always in the best position to succeed.

E-commerce Analytics
How’s your website doing? The traffic tells the tale. A Google Analytics certified partner, we offer comprehensive analytics packages, from implementation to maintenance and beyond, to help you understand who’s coming to your website, where they’re coming from, and, maybe most importantly, what they do when they get there.

Conversion Optimization
Just because your sales are good, it doesn’t mean your user experience is optimized. There can still be problems with loading times or confusing interfaces or clunky checkouts. To fix that, we can talk to your customers through testing, research, and user feedback to identify (and fix) the dozens of little issues that can add up and hurt your business.

Experience Engineering
Think back to your most memorable shopping experience. It wasn’t just a simple transaction, was it? It stands out because it was unique and enjoyable in some way. That’s the way it should be for your e-commerce customers. We’ll devise ways to help you delight customers from start to finish. From their introduction to the website to a thank-you note from the founder a week after their order is delivered, we’ll help you deliver a world-class experience and turn customers into lifetime enthusiasts for your brand.

Performance Optimization
When a webpage is slow to load, how long do you wait around before going elsewhere? Not very long, right? Your customers don’t either. That’s why it’s critical to identify and correct performance issues on your website. We’ll address any content or technological issues that are holding your site back.



Our team has years of experience implementing solutions on various e-commerce platforms.  We carefully assess your needs and goals — now and for the future — and recommend the best solution to fuel your customers’ e-commerce experience.

Ready to e-commerce like a champ?
We have the technology and marketing chops to develop and grow your e-commerce solution. Contact Liquid if you’re looking to start — or strengthen — your e-commerce efforts.
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