Your pathway to e-commerce success begins not with a great product, or a snazzy website, or flashy technology. It begins with a little bit of homework.

At Liquid, all e-commerce work starts with the planning phase. It’s where we learn about you, your goals, and the environment in which you operate. Yeah, that takes a little time. But to get you where you want to go, we have to fully understand where you’re starting from—and what you’ll need for the journey. This planning is at the heart of your e-commerce success.

Business Assessment
This is where you tell us about your favorite subject: You. Or more specifically, your business. How it operates, who your customers are, your challenges, your goals (short- and long-term), and your expectations. This will help us:
• Establish the business drivers for your website.
• Outline objectives, scope, and rationale for the e-commerce project.
• Clarify the needs and implications for your business, your customers, and your brand.

Competitive Analysis
Now, your least favorite subject: your competitors. We know, it’s unpleasant. But to fully help you prepare, we need to understand who you’re up against. Who they are, what they do, and how they do it. We also examine how you and your website stack up in terms of navigation, presentation, trust, usability, and so on.

Technology Assessment
We evaluate current CMS, e-commerce, and hosting technologies — both what you have, and what’s out there in the marketplace — and make recommendations for continued optimization. We look at a range of factors, including:
• Search Accessibility
• Compatibility
• Mobile functionality
• Performance (load time)

E-commerce Strategy
Put it all together. We develop your complete e-commerce plan by:
• Assessing your current digital practices.
• Defining what you need to handle change—now and in the future.
• Recommending specific improvements, and creating a roadmap to get you there.

We also clarify the people, processes, and policies you need to make the project a success.



Our team has years of experience implementing solutions on various e-commerce platforms.  We carefully assess your needs and goals — now and for the future — and recommend the best solution to fuel your customers’ e-commerce experience.

Ready to e-commerce like a champ?
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