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2017 Lineup


Empowering Users by Designing for Accessibility

Empowering Users by Designing for Accessibility

Every person who can’t use your website or application is another lead you’ve lost. Create a better user experience for everyone by following the principles of inclusive design.

Many people have misconceptions about inclusive design and what it entails. They might think it’s burdensome and expensive, or that it only benefits a tiny percentage of people. In reality, neither could be farther from the truth.

In this Lunch & Learn, you'll learn about the need for inclusive design, how to test the accessibility of your current digital product, and tactics on how to incorporate these principles.

Quarter 1

SEO in a Micro-Moment Driven World

SEO in a Micro-Moment Driven World

Our annual SEO Lunch & Learn is the most anticipated every year. Join us on May 24th for expert insight into the current need-to-knows of the SEO world with a focus on crafting an SEO strategy to capitalize on micro-moments.

We'll cover: how user intent should shape your SEO strategy; why mobile, voice and local search are affecting your business now more than ever; and what to look for to facilitate and measure success.

Quarter 2

Content Marketing Success 101

Content Marketing Success 101

Content marketing is the best way to build rapport with your audience and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Join us to learn how committing to content marketing as an organization builds better, longer and more profitable relationships with customers and the steps you need to take to get your brand in on the action.

Quarter 3

ROI Attribution: How to Effectively Measure Marketing Success

ROI Attribution: How to Effectively Measure Marketing Success

With so much of your marketing budget being moved into digital channels, the need for proper data analysis continues to grow. Upper management wants facts and actionable data. If you don't have your data ducks in row, you won’t be able to provide the information they’re looking for.

Join us to learn the building blocks for measuring success, the steps for data integration, effective analytics strategies, and how to leverage your data for business growth.

Quarter 4

Get it to Go

Lunch & Learn To Go

Introducing the Lunch & Learn to Go. It’s the same great content and presenters from our live events delivered right to your office. You pick the date that works best for your team (whether that’s 5 people or 500) and order lunch – we’ll bring the "Learn."

There’s absolutely no fee for current Liquid clients. Just pick from our menu of ready-to-go topics, including our regularly scheduled Lunch & Learns @ Liquid, and drop us a line to get on the calendar. We have a limited number of dates available on a first come, first served basis. If you’re not a current client, or your location isn’t within comfortable driving distance, a small fee to cover our time and/or travel may apply.

To Go Topics

  • E-Commerce Done Right
  • Lead Generation through Campaigns, Content and a Clear Vision
  • A Guide to Listen-First Marketing
  • The New Analytics: Not Just a Numbers Game Anymore
  • Leveraging Video in Your Marketing Efforts
  • Empowering Users by Designing for Accessibility
  • 2017 SEO Update (available June 1st)
  • Content Marketing Success 101: Let's Get Started (available Sep 1st)
  • ROI Attribution: How to Effectively Measure Marketing Success (available Dec 1st)
  • Customized Topic for Your Organization (fee may apply)

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