At Liquid, we’re not afraid of commitment. Establishing a systematic approach to creating and delivering content is a lot of work.

But, commitment to content marketing builds better, longer, and more profitable relationships with customers.

It works because you’ve now become focused on what your customers and prospects need to know rather than what you think you need to tell them.

We understand the content marketing commitment, and have helped our clients go from seemingly random content creation and distribution to establishing continuous programs based on sound strategy. See how we can help your organization create the kind of trust that really drives profit.

Our Content Marketing Process

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Like any process, it starts with an intensive research phase. Here, we assess all the content you’ve already got, rigorously pick stakeholders’ brains, and analyze every piece of data we can wrap our hands around.

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After research provides us with lots of juicy information and sets a baseline, our team gets to work establishing goals, creating audience personas, finding gaps in the market, and setting priorities. From here we set new KPIs and turn strategy into actionable editorial calendars.

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With a playbook in place, we get to work copywriting, designing, animating, and shooting. Once those blog posts, infographics, animations, and videos are buttoned up, we’ll make sure they get into the hands of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

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Never resting on our laurels, the data from execution gets constantly analyzed and optimized. We put data from web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, social analytics… anything connected to the program, into easy to read dashboards so we (and you) can see what works, what doesn’t, ensuring your content marketing is always performing at its peak.

Our Content Marketing Clients

Cigars International

Precision Medical

The Center for Creative Leadership


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