Turning strangers into potential friends, getting a fish to take the bait in a large, chaotic sea -- no matter the metaphor you use to frame it, lead generation represents explicit interest in a product or service you offer, and should be a foundational aspect of any digital marketing strategy.

Lead generation happens by stimulating interest and then provides an opportunity to nurture someone through the journey that takes them from prospect to customer.

Whether through organic discovery or paid advertising tactics, well-executed lead generation provides your organization the opportunity to lead a prospect to purchase through leveraging content.

Our Lead Generation Process

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Strategy and Setup

First and foremost, a thorough, documented lead generation strategy needs to be defined with specific goals and KPIs. Then we iron out the tactics (paid search, email, social) best suited to meet those lead gen. goals and KPIs. From there, campaigns and action plans are concocted to reach all those potential leads.

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Landing Pages

The destination where leads are enticed to capture is critical. Here we create intuitive user experiences both large and small built around one thing: getting a user to express definitive interest in your products or services. This can take on many forms like gating a piece of content, providing a free trial or great offer, or serving up some valuable content that will pitch a tent in their inbox.

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With the strategy implemented and the landing page(s) live, our digital marketing team is constantly tinkering and tweaking to ensure the tactics and landing pages are running smoothly. This can mean changing headlines, CTAs, body copy, fixing forms, using new lead magnets, adjusting targeting, and much more.

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Data from every source gets constantly analyzed by Liquid’s team. We put data from web analytics, marketing automation, CRM, social analytics -- anything connected to the lead generation program -- into easy to read dashboards so we (and you) can see what works, what doesn’t, ensuring the leads we produced are qualified and converted.

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