Liquid has the research and analytics experts to help you identify what your business needs to succeed against competitors and how to measure the success of your efforts. With many years of experience in digital marketing and technology, we have the expertise to take your business to the next level and stay relevant within your industry.


Through market research and brand analysis, Liquid will determine where your business stands within your vertical and how best to move the needle against your competitors.


Using advanced platforms and techniques, our data analysts will provide a holistic view of your data with enhanced visualization and custom dashboards.

How We Can Help You Succeed

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Industry Research

Whether looking at competitors or just your industry in general, Liquid research analysts will provide a comprehensive understanding of how best to market your products and services.

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Liquid can help you understand your audience more clearly through both on-site surveys and surveys given to specified audiences around the internet. Want to get even deeper insights? Liquid can administer A/B testing surveys to find what’s most effective to your key audience.

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Data Management

Measurement of success cannot be done if the data you are collecting is incomplete or inaccurate. Liquid will work to ensure data integrity across all channels and platforms, so you can rest assured that your data is reliable and accurate.

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Tag Management

What used to demand both time and an entire IT department can now be revealed through tag management. Liquid will work to assess your current tagging needs, and provide a custom tag management system to provide tailored insights for your business.

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Customer Segmentation

Your customers have different needs and habits, so why are your marketing efforts a one-size-fits-all? Liquid will help you identify the key differentiators in your customer audience, and recommend an effective marketing strategy for each segment.

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Advanced Analytics

Looking at your data in silos is no longer acceptable. Through advanced analytics, we will bring together all sources of data to create a single, viewable dashboard with real-time updates. Through detailed data visualizations, Liquid will present the most important data to your team in a clear and concise manner.

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Business Intelligence

You’ve identified your customer segments, implemented a tag management system, and have beautiful dashboards at your fingertips. What’s next? Liquid will help you create a strategic business plan using predictive analytics. Through trend analysis and data mining, we’ll help you plan for your bright future ahead.

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