Why Liquid

Our people, processes and tools are carefully handpicked and crafted to be driven by what matters: performance. Our analytics offering is no different.

Liquid is committed to providing value to our clients through data-driven insights and recommendations. We look beyond the numbers to tell a story, placing your organizational strategy in the driver’s seat throughout your journey into analytics.

Stop guessing, assuming, and speculating. Let your data prove performance and inform your decisions.

What We Do

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Measurement Framework/Strategy

Definition of organizational goals and objectives; aligning goals to measures of success and determining data governance

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Analytics Enablement

Data capture through tagging of digital properties and integration of various data sources; auditing data setup and creation of customized tracking solutions

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Data Visualization

Creation of dashboards and reports captured through an aggregation of data sources from various tools and platforms

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Data Analysis

Thorough analysis of datasets on a timely basis to generate new insight and measure effectiveness of organizational tactics and strategies

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Experience Optimization

Ongoing process to optimize performance of campaigns, content, lead generation and commerce through testing and personalization

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Advanced Analytics

Utilize advanced data analytics methods to predict performance and improve attribution; influence larger strategic business decisions

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