You already know a
mobile strategy
is important.

You tell yourself your business will adapt, eventually. Someday.
You know you should have started yesterday -- mobile is everywhere,
and it's everywhere now.

Just how widespread are mobile devices?

Need more proof?

There are more iPhones sold per day
than people born in the world per day.

You get it.

Mobile is widespread.

But just as startling is realizing that mobile devices
are preferred over desktop computers.

Who prefers mobile, and why?

Mobile Preference
Mobile Availability

So now you know!

Mobile is everywhere; it's easier and more convenient.

So what impact can a mobile strategy have?

70% of mobile searches lead to action within one hour.

  • Handheld

    Action within one hour.

  • Desktop

    Action within one month.

  • Television

    Action within … a mystery.

It takes one month for the same percentage of desktop users to take action.

Mobile Friendly
Mobile Unfriendly

Get it?

If you don't have a mobile strategy in place,
you're chasing away your customers
and potential new customers.

It's not too late to develop and implement a
mobile strategy, and Liquid can help.

Give us a call today