Ok, so you have Facebook and Twitter accounts. Maybe even Google+ and Instagram, too. That’s great! But are you getting the most engagement possible from your social audience, or are you just going through the motions?

To businesses, social media was once a novelty — but now it’s a necessity. Over 50% of active adult social networkers follow a brand. Social media drives purchases, grows brand awareness, and humanizes your brand. Without it, you’re going to have a hard time competing—and succeeding.

Whether you have disappointing results or you just don’t know a hashtag from a selfie, turn to Liquid. We know how to build and engage social media audiences, and we’ll make sure a strong social presence is a key component of your marketing strategy.


 First step: a plan. We’ll conduct research on your brand, industry, and competitors. From there, we’ll create a roadmap to help to optimize your social presence and position you for success.

Content Creation

Strategy is only the beginning — you also need content that speaks to your audience. Liquid can be your CCO (Chief Content Officer). Our team will work with you to plan, write, and distribute relevant, engaging content for your unique audience.


Not only can we help you connect with your customers, but we can help you integrate ads to showcase products or services that might interest them. Social media ads offer you more targeting capabilities than print advertisement, giving you endless possibilities. They also run in real time, so you can make changes anytime, anywhere.

Reporting & Analytics

You want to know how your social media is doing? We’ll provide all the reporting and metrics you need, custom fit to your specific requirements. And, for good measure, each report comes with recommendations for further improvement.


Let’s get your social audiences engaged