If you’ve spent any time on the web, chances are you’ve heard of WordPress. Originally developed as a blogging platform, it’s a free, open-source, scalable solution with over 25 million users. More than 18% of the web uses this platform to run their sites — and depending on your needs, you might become one of them.

Here at Liquid, we’ve used our skills and experience to build many WordPress solutions for our clients, in a variety of industries:

  • Informational websites
  • E-commerce shops
  • Personal websites
  • Blogs
  • Enterprise-level websites

Key Features

  • Flexibility: WordPress is so customizable and extensible that it’s moved beyond its blogging roots, and can run and maintain any type of website.
  • User-friendly backend: The backend dashboard makes it easy for administrators to access, modify, and create new content without any IT background or knowledge.
  • Design separate from content: Want a re-skin of your existing WordPress installation? Or a complete redesign? WordPress’s theme system completely separates content from design, making aesthetic changes easy.
  • User management: Set up easy-to-manage workflows, where each and every piece of content goes through a quality assurance process before being published live.

We are proud to be the recipient of several awards for many of our WordPress solutions, including Lourdes Health System and Fox School of Business Alumni Association.

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