When it comes to your applications, it might be tempting to just go with an off-the-shelf solution. Maybe you’re worried about the time or money commitment of anything more, and hey, that software promises most of what you’re already looking for, so why not?

The fact is, pre-packaged solutions may seem like a great option, but they can have many potential pitfalls, including:

  • Lack of alignment: Your goals will most likely be at least slightly different from that of the software, and you may not be able to do additional customization.
  • Lack of ownership: You’ll have to pay licensing fees or split profit margins with the software provider. You’ll also be at their mercy for upgrades, additional plug-ins, bug fixes, or patches.
  • Lack of compatibility: New software may not interface with your existing “legacy” applications, forcing you to start over and spend even more money.
  • Lack of familiarity: The software vendor doesn’t know the inner workings of your system, so adding or changing features can take additional time and investigation.

With a custom solution from Liquid Interactive, you never have to worry about these issues. You have complete control over every aspect of your new software, and a development team (us) who understands your environment and the inner-workings of your systems.

We’ve been doing custom designs since our inception, and we have a wealth of expertise at innovating and pushing the limits of what is possible with today’s technology — and exceeding clients’ expectations along the way.

Development Principles

  • Develop technology-agnostic solutions: We use only the most appropriate technologies, devices, and platforms, so you have the freedom to move your application to a different environment or to the cloud, at your convenience.
  • Adhere to best practices: We don’t cut corners, or implement hacks or quick-fixes. We do things right the first time, and thoroughly test for quality.
  • Follow industry standards: We align ourselves with the industry at large, to maximize the compatibility of your solution with other products and third-party software.
  • Write maintainable code: Upkeep is hard, so we try to minimize all upkeep costs and reduce the overheard of changing requirements.
  • Achieve cross-device compatibility: Our applications fit every screen, from desktop browsers to tablets to mobile phones.
  • Perform user experience architecture: Our solutions have a user-centric philosophy to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable experience for your visitors.
  • Set concrete, measurable goals: By setting clear objectives and continually measuring the product's success, we can prove your solution's effectiveness.


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