What’s next?

That’s the big question we ask ourselves every day.  It’s one of the most exciting parts of our job, actually. We’re always on the lookout for emerging technologies and their implications for our business — and yours. And because we have our fingers on the proverbial pulse, you can be sure that we’re using the most current technologies for your projects.

Don’t worry, though — we won’t recommend advanced solutions just because they’re new or glamorous. We’ll recommend them because they’re right for you.

Come back quarterly to see what emerging tech we have used for real worked solutions.

Ad-hoc Cloud

Recently, liquid was tasked with creating a tradeshow installation for Martin Guitar. A key component of the installation was a web application for gathering and tracking visitor input.  Liquid rolled out a network with a Raspberry PI at the center to serve up dynamic content and handle transactions without need of a reliable trade show floor connection.

On top of serving up the web app, the PI also acted as a WiFi hotspot. 

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